roku review – Is This the Best Yoga Platform Online? Review – Is this the best yoga platform online?

I love Yoga!

How about you?

I made a review for and I hope you can have some use for this.

So, is the best Yoga Platform online?

If you ask me, I would say that it is for sure one of the best you can find!

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Name: YogaVibes
Use at:
AppleIPad, Android, AppleTV, any computer, ROKU or AmazonKindel
Rate: 9,8 of 10
Cost: Different options:
Monthly Subscription $19.95 –> 15 days trial if you choose this plan <–
2. Annual Subscription $199.95
If you like to only pay for one single video you can do as well. The price is then between $2.99-$9.99 per video.


300x250 YogaVibes Free Jade Yoga Mat with annual subscription

Price plans

Monthly Subscription $19.95

  • First 15 days free for all new subscribers
  • Unlimited access to video library
  • No commitment necessary, cancel anytime

Annual Subscription $199.95

  • Unlimited access to video library
  • Save 15%
  • Free Jade Yoga Mat with purchase*

Yoga Online

When I found it made my Yoga training so much easier.

Okay, so I like free videos at YouTube too but you never get that clear way of guiding.

When you looking for Yoga online you can really feel like walking in a jungle. There are so many styles, levels, and different teachers so how to know which to choose.

I like mostly because they make it easy to start and keep going!

Pros and Cons

160x600 gif


  • The videos are really easy to understand
  • Great teachers
  • High quality at the videos
  • Over to 2000 options of yoga and meditation
  • Variety of style and length  so there is always some for you
  • If you are a beginner it’s very easy to know where to start
  • sorting videos by different filters make it easy to navigate
  • cheap if you compare to what you get!
  • The number of teachers will make you find someone you like


  • sometimes it’s difficult too choose
  • There is no chance of trying all teachers and all classes.

What to choose?

One thing I really like is that gives you access to “quick view” where they give you a chance to see the first minutes of all videos in a free version. This way you know what you buy before you buy it.

To be honest I would not invest in this kind of online yoga if there was no “quick view” or similar. By this I got the change to really see the high quality and know what I was invested in.

→ here you can see how “quick views” works ← 

The quality both visually and the teachers’ knowledge is very high. It is easy to follow the classes and you always see all the movements clear.

There are over 80 different teachers at YogaVibes which gives you the chance to actually decide which teacher is your favorite.  First I thought this was a bit overwhelming but now I realize this is actually very good. I found some favorites and I can change teacher if I feel like I need something different.

This means you will never get bored!


How it works

You can search for videos on different filters: length, teacher, style, level, and focus.

There are also several teachers that have classes for weeks. This way you can follow one teacher and one class for a longer period and see your improvements better.

By searching through the different filter you make it much easier to gradually upgrade your Yoga skills.

If you are a total beginner I suggest that you pick some that are not too long and at the lowest level. You will learn by time and by forcing it you might lose the excitement. Yoga on high levels can be tricky…

If you are used to do yoga try some higher levels. You can be sure to find something you never tried before!


Should you sign up?

If you thought of doing yoga online this is what I found out to be one of the best places. There are over 2000 classes, over 80 teachers and the variety is huge.

I started with 15 days of trial because I felt this way there is no risk.

Yoga. Anytime, anywhere.

Hope this review was helpful!

Please write if you have questions and I am happy to answer!






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