Who am I and what do I want to do in life? – Is this your questions?

Who am I and what do I want to do in life?what do i want to do in life?


I guess a lot of people have this kind of questions.

Many of us struggle with the big questions

It’s common that we don’t know who we are and what we want in life.

What are your questions?

-Who am I?

-What do I like?

-What are my beliefs?

-What do I want to do in life?

All of these questions I have asked my self and to find the answer was both difficult and also the most reviling to do.

The journey

When I started this journey I didn’t know what big change it would be. My mind and my entire way of viewing life changed in only some month.

Am I happy and know what I want?what do i want to do in life?

I have to say, happy, yes! Know what I want? Not so sure but I don´t mind anymore. I have got a big difference in the thinking about this.

If you are searching I recommend you to open your eyes. The answer might lie in things you don´t usually have as a part of your life.

For me, it was a search going on for years. I did not know that I was searching at all.

Now after all these years, I realized that I been searching for more than 15 years and now I´m finally home! I thought I was depressed and the only thing I wanted was to be free and happy.

I did KBT, met psychologist, and I read a lot about health.

What have you tried? Coaches? Therapy? psychologist? or just closed the door and pretend it to be good?what do i want to do in life?

One day, just by accident I happened to read the book Eat, Pray, Love.

It opened something to me. There and then I did not understand how big this was going to be. But now, looking back, this was one of the things that made the biggest impact at my world.

When I now later has been reading reviews from others about this book, I don´t seem to be the only one.

–> Read here if you like to read my review about this book <–

So what happened then?

Two things.what do I want to do in life

1. I started to visit a spiritual guide and decided to believe everything she said (even if this was far away from my previous thought).

This is key and if you are searching I suggest you delete everything you ever learned and start over. Make your own decisions in what is right and wrong. Don´t decide depending on what you learned from your childhood!

This coach made me meet my self in a new way.

I have to be honest and say if I never would have decided to be open-minded this would never happen.

2. I went to different coaching and self-development courses online. I realized I can not change myself. I need help from others. Bob Proctor and Lisa Nicolas played big roles here for me.

How is your role model? Don´t have one? Find someone! It is not easy to be alone. You need good guidance!

–>Bob proctors Paradigm Shift← This program opened my eyes.

–>Lisa Nichols and her books<– this books made me take action!

Now after this journey, I am not quite as naive any longer and I don´t believe anything I read and hear. But for me, it was very important to decide for myself what my beliefs are. Stay on the ground is still very important for me.

I will take one example of naivety.

One example where it is easy to be naive is if you read about the 7 Hermetic laws.

Maybe you read about the 7 laws on my page? These I know works, but are the laws? Not so sure about that. After being openminded about if for a while I instead think they are “mindset” or “tools” designed to help people. I think that if you read about them, they give you very useful “mindset tools”.

A big answer to find my happiness was to start believing in spiritual things and practice meditation, yoga, grounding, qigong, the law of attraction and more.

I’ve never been spiritual before and I didn’t know that this actually was the key to find my inner peace. what do i want to do in life

Maybe this is not yours, I don´t want to convince anyone to be spiritual.

The only thing I know is that when you open your mind, there might be parts that you missed.

What I found out was that if I skip the part of spirituality that would be like denying a part of myself.

-What do you think you miss in your life?

-Where is that black spot that you just denying?

I guess that you will not get the answer right now. But maybe someday soon it will just hit you.

Be curious! Be openminded!

I am sure a lot of people are just like me.

Finding themselves trying to find the answer just hitting the wall again and again and again.

I know it’s a tough journey to do. – I know!

When you open your mind things will become clearer. Maybe not to start, but by time.

Trust that and you are already on the right path.

Here is what helped me:

Great Tools to find your way

Find help!what do I want to do in life

Get help from the right persons.

First of all, you have to realize you cannot do this progress by yourself.

If you tried therapy and it didn’t work, try something else.

If you tried KBT and it didn’t work, try something else.

Do you see where I´m going?

To get the same kind of help, again and again, will not help. You need to interrupt your pattern.

I thought by doing KBT again and again it would be good.

What happened?

I kept going in the same pattern.

After a while, I thought, “Ok, I will do this all by myself”.

What happened? Got more depressed..

it was first when I took the decision to find someone else, something totally different, that could push me through, that my emotions changed.

Gratitudewhat do I want to do in life

A big game-changer in gratitude.

Before in my life, I never gave thanks everything.

And my reality? well, I what quite unhappy.

One mantra that was going in my head was: “Tomorrow or next week will be good”.

Recognize yourself?

Nowadays I practice gratitude every day.

And how do I feel? Great! And I am so much happier and love each day!

Here I write about gratitude.

Welcome to read!

If I have to pick just one to that is the biggest game-changer for me it’s absolutely Gratitude.

Law of attraction coach? what do I want to do in life

If you are very much into the Law of attraction, find the best coaches. Not just any coach,

If they don´t have evidence their method works, don’t go there!

The law of attraction is only a small part and not everyone know this. Find a coach who knows that is it bigger and truly follows this.

Find someone who has a lot of proof! My favorite is Bob Proctor.

If you like to read about the program that changed many of my beliefs, read here.


Meditation can be a magic key but you have to take it slow. what do I want to do in life

There are people start meditating and meet painful things when they push too hard. Be careful and go slow. This will help you more then if you hurry.

What I do is only 5 minutes a day. This is enough! After a while, you can increase.

When you meditate things will become clearer to you.

Stress will go down and you will feel lighter. Maybe not the first day, but after a week.

If you like some tips you can read here.

Read books that force you to take action!what do I want to do in life

One of the best things to find your way is to read and be curious. I have three books that I can tell you changed things for me and of course, I write reviews at these.

1.The secret (movie or book). I prefer the book.

This book made anything possible. I have to say, even if I know that the law of attraction is not all, this book helped me to keep the positive thinking longer than I usually had. If you decide to read it or watch it it will change your way of perspective!

2. Lisa Nichols books “abundance Now” and “no matter what”.

What I mostly like about these books is her big knowledge combined with the great exercises she gives. Do these exercises and you will change! No thought about it!

3. Eat, pray Love. This is the book that made me open my mind and realize the world is so much bigger than the world I live in. It is a funny book and many people say this is a game-changer. The book is based on a real story.

To sum up

I hope you have some more tool to find your way!what do I want to do in life

I know you will find it, other ways you would not be searching like this!

The searching is not always very fun but when you enter the other side, you will start LOVING self-development. Trust me. I have seen it before and I know it for my self.

Here are short cuts to all my tips if you like:


Eat, Pray, Love

No Matter What and Abundance Now

The Secret

Coaches, Program online:

Bob Proctor, Paradigm shift

Read about:





Wish you a great day! Please comment or ask questions and I am happy to help!


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