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Mind, Body, Spirit

what is the mind body and spiritWho are you? You are a body, you are a spirit and you have the senses. In many ways, I would say that the mind and spirit are the same things, in all cases, the subconscious part of the mind.

I will write about how I think further down.

These three parts can be crucial for how you feel. If one of them is damaged, it is likely that one of the others is also.


The mind is divided into two parts. The conscious – where you bring in your thoughts and patterns. And the subconscious that collects all the information so you will not have to think about it.

Some call this unconscious and other subconscious. Some say that there are two different things. In this case, it does not matter.

What I want to teach you here is that through the conscious mind you collect information that then goes to the subconscious/unconscious – mind.

Everything you give your conscious mind will be stored in your subconscious/unconscious – mind as your intuition, your memory, perception, language, thoughts, behaviors, etc.

You learn things by taking things into your conscious mind.

Depending on what you choose to bring in, you will be different, perceive your life differently and handle things differently.

Therefore, it is important to check separately what you fertilize your mind with.mind

The mind needs things that make you feel good. If you want to change, there may be things in your life that you actually need to stop or at least reduce. One example is to watch TV.

Much of what is shown on TV is good but very much is not. Keep in mind that everything you bring into your mind affects you.

Even what you say you don’t care about .. Unfortunately. We can not turn off the impression (except if we are tremendously good at meditating).

Something else you should think about is social media. Do they really give you something good?

I myself have almost completely quit watching both TV and social media.

I try to keep up to be a little updated but not more than that. Instead, I choose to listen to a good inspirational and positive leader or perhaps reading a self-development book.

I do not want to be such a treadmill who says, do that, don´t do that but if you really want to change, your impressions are something that is actually not so difficult to change.

You can choose for yourself!

Also, keep in mind that news is also something you should quit. Check no more than just keep you right up to date.

Otherwise, your brain takes the news and makes it a truth in your life. Although it is something that occurs several miles away !!


This is pretty obvious, but even so, many people get stuck.
Personally, I would say that this is my weakest point.

As for the body, it is both the physical health but also what we eat that matters.

I don’t want to give you precise tips on what to eat / not eat. The only thing I can say for sure is to try avoiding red meat and white sugar, you’ve come a long way!

Do you want to work hard on your body, you can find a lot of good ideas on several websites.

bodyHowever, remember that healthy eating is not the same as going on a diet.

Yes!  – I just said that diet was not the right way to go.

If you think about it, your body knows exactly what you need. I mean that.

It is difficult to begin to listen to your body. I’ll soon get into what I mean in the part about the “Spirit”.

This also applies to workout and this really applies to EVERYTHING in our everyday life. Our body knows exactly everything and is a thousand times smarter than our brain.

Think about it! For example, if you listen to your body, are you really hungry? Does your body really look for sugar? Start listening to your body and I guarantee you will get a healthy diet!

This also applies to your workouts. If you listen, you know exactly when you need to move your self, right?


Spirit, soul, whatever you prefer. To find your spirit is really a response to everything, but it is also this piece that most people find most difficult.
I think it depends on two things.

  1. It’s fun when things happen. Meditation is quiet.
  2. It is difficult to meet your self.

Since these are two quite strong driving forces, I believe that many people find it difficult to meditate because it is to “quiet”.

spirit meditationWhen you have a lot of stress in your body you just don’t want to sit still.

Personally, I think that if you have a lot of stress in your body, it is not really healthy to sit down and just meditate.

It is much better to go for a walk or do something else physically to get your energy out – Again, listen to your body!

Once you have done your walk you will feel calmer. That’s when you can get a great and wonderful experience of meditation.

If you are completely new to meditation, it is likely that you find it difficult.

My advice to you is to start with guided meditations.

Through them, you can get someone who leads you, which is very rewarding in the beginning.

One day you will be ready to sit there without a guide.

What does meditation do? “A lot” is my answer.

But it requires a little patience.gain energy

When you start meditating, your body will tell you things, and your mind is equally so.

You will understand things and you will be frustrated with certain things. This is a part of the process.

Gradually, you realize that there are just thoughts that go and you realize that you can control them.

You will also begin to know which path is right for you.

When you really listen you will find everything you need to feel good.

Which one is most important?

what is most important

All these three pieces are incredibly important. If you’re thinking about it, I think you pretty quickly realize that one does not exist without the other. They fit together and are often the same thing.

If you don’t know where to start then I suggest the body. Not because it is more important but because it can provide clear and unexpected answers.

What I mean is not to start training really hard at the gym or to start any diet. What I mean is just absolutely very simple.

Listen to your body:

Do you have headaches? Is it hard to sit still? Do you feel safe? Do you always want to sleep? What does your body say to you?

The answer when you feel good should be this:
– Your Energy that is there most of the time
– Harmony
– Peacefulness
– No pain

This is the 7 ways to Increase Your health

It may simply be that you do not know how it feels to feel better and that is why are you satisfied with just enough.

Life should be fun! Life should be exciting and you should feel that you long for the next day.

  1. Listen to leaders who will strengthen you and who knows what they’re talking about
  2. Avoid news that creates concern
  3. Read books about inspiring you
  4. Listen to your body to know what it wants for nutrition
  5. Listen to your body to know how and when to move
  6. Meditate with guidance
  7. Meditate without guidance

I wish you all good! Hope to see you in the next blog post.

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