What is the Law of Rhythm? – 2 ways to manage Your Own Rhythm

law of rhythm

What is the Law of Rhythm?

This law, I really have given me insight into my life and it´s up and downs.

How is your life?

Straight and no feelings either up or down?

I guess it’s not like that.

Overview of this law

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.“–The Kybalion.

The universe has 7 hermetic laws and the one I will dive into is the law of rhythm.

All of these laws can really help you understand the world and your own life if you study them deeper.

Therefore, I am now writing this post so you will have a deeper understanding of the law on rhythm.

The law of the rhythm says that what goes left must then go right. It says that what goes up must go down.

law of rhythm

Spring comes after winter, never after the fall.
It’s just the way the universe works simply.

Rhythm and Your Life

You as a person also have a rhythm. Every one of us has.

Think about your life. You’re not always happy, right? There is always a period of less happiness sometimes.

Just the same, it is the other way around. When you have a low period, there must be a positive period afterward.

You can learn how to handle this in two different ways.

  1. The first is that you follow your rhythm and really use all your energy when you’re on top and allow yourself to rest when you have lower energy. If you are feeling low it’s the body’s way of saying it’s time for a break.
  2. You can try to calm your mind, and instead of using too much of your positive energy you try to calm down. This does not mean that you are not happy, just because you do not run out of energy. If you use your energy you will, as the law says, go down into deeper valleys later.

I can think that it is difficult not to use my energy, therefore I prefer number one.

law of rhythmSometimes I let myself use all positive energy and really express it, then I know that there will be a lower period then but as long as I am fully aware this does not have to affect me.

If you feel that you are a person who has a lot of negativity, anxiety then probably alternative 2 is better for you.

When you feel you are heading towards the height, try to set your mind. For example, you can try to meditate or write a list of gratitude.

Try something that still you and not makes you use all the energy because it is when you use it that you will be low again.

meditateIf you have been depressed for a long time, it may take a while before your body returns to your healthy rhythm.

When I was burned out and depressed, I got some days of energy and then I wanted to do everything at the same time.

Unfortunately, this resulted in me being completely exhausted and just being abandoned.

Had I known then what I know today I had instead taken that time to meditate and just taken one step at a time out of my depression.

A Great Tool for Finding Your Rhythm

I will give you a very good tool to help you notice that life goes up and down and how you can understand this much better.

law of rhythm

1. Place a large blank paper on your wall. Drag a straight line in the middle from left to right and set a zero right on the leftmost stretch. Then you write the numbers 1-10, both up and down. For every day you set a small point where you consider yourself to be that day. Then draw lines between your points day by day.

2. Do this for only 30 days and already you will see that things happen. Then keep doing it for 90 days and you will see clear patterns in your mood and in your energy. Through this exercise, you will be good at understanding that it is not so dangerous to go down because you always come up again.

3. When you have done this for 90 days, try and see if you can influence your pattern and what happens. For example, try meditation the days you are extra high or low. What happened?

Last thought

For me this law really makes sense. I can really relate to this and it helps me to know that everything goes in rhythms.

When I´m low I try to remind me that this is not forever. Maybe I take a day off if it is possible and just breath.

what is the law of rhythm

What do you think of this law? Have any experience? Please share if you like!

Wish you a great day!

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