What is the Law of Cause and Effect? Do this 1 task for your shift

What is the law of cause and effect?

There are 7 Hermetic Laws and one of these is the law of Cause and Effect.

No one really knows if there was a person called Hermes or if it is many persons.

What we know is that this is really old and hade been passed by mouth to mouth.

I’ll deep dive into this law today so that you really understand how you can change your life if you want.

I know I wrote a lot about the Law of Attraction but I will only mention it just here, then I will deep dive into the law of cause of effect for you and give you great tips!

These 7 laws do not include the Law of Attraction, but if you understand these 7 laws, you will more easily be able to use the Law of Attraction in a more useful way.

Cause and Effect – The Most Important is Your THOUGHT

Every cause has its effect, and every effect gives a new cause. Everything is dependent on each other.
You can not live your life and not have an effect on the cause you have created.

For example, if we take a thought as an example. An ordinary thought that most people thought sometimes. “No, I can never do that”.

I think it’s very likely that you have ever thought this thought. Or am I wrong?

Perhaps the words are not exactly that way, but I think that you have sometimes thought that “it does not work” or something similar.

So we take a look at this thought.

What does it create?

Does it create a free and positive path with a great effect that gives you more? ..

…Probably not…

Instead, if you back off, which in turn makes you feel cowardly or bad. When you feel bad, this also affects other things and suddenly you are in a negative spiral.

It is really that simple, that it is enough with one single negative thought that you allow taking part in your mind in order for you to be negatively affected for a long period.

So how do I change this then?

Think about what thoughts you actually have during a day.

How is your self-talk?

Are you really sure you can’t do this or that? or is that just a thought?

I will tell you something that may feel quite incredible.

Everything is possible. Just everything!

Think about how the aircraft. Do you think anyone said it would be possible to make something fly?

No, Orville and Wilbur Wright were even told that only the idea was really wrong and that they where crazy. Good for them they knew not to listen.

Think about the phone, the electricity, the mobile phone, the internet, or the rockets, you name it. All of these things were something that was “impossible” and “would never work.”

Why then should I talk so much about the negative? Well because it’s always where we must begin.

We need to look at ourselves and realize that it is our negative thoughts that create what we have in life.

Please give me this task that you promised!

Sure I will!

I’ll give you a tip with a task I learned from Lisa Nichols. (which is one of my major role models !!)

She gave me this task and it is absolutely incredible. It is a bit simplified version so you will not have to take several days to complete it.

1. List ALL the negative things you think of yourself in your life and write it on a piece of paper.
2. When the list is complete, write one opposite of each thought, i.e. a positive thought to replace the negative thoughts.
3. Read through what you have written
4. Then, every time one of your negative thoughts come up, remind you of its positive counterpart and decide to think about this.

Do this for real and you really make a big shift that if a fact is a new cause that will bring you new effects.

Try this and you will see a tremendous change.
Of course, it won’t happen in a day.
You still have effects on things from past causes in your life.

It is impossible to completely get rid of the previous cause as well.

Everything that you use is a daily basis is something that someone once created. Therefore their cause gives effects for you. EVERYTHING in life is an effect of a cause and vise versa.

Is My life is Predetermined?

No, it is not. You always have a choice in your life.

The law of cause and effect clearly states (as all the other laws) that you always have a choice.

Here is One More Tip for You!

Something I think is interesting as I realized when I had children is how extremely embossed I am of my childhood.

When the father of my daughter (we are separated) and I will create rules, we look at it so differently. This despite the fact that we come from very similar conditions.

If you have children you can probably recognize yourself.

Your thoughts about how one should and should not do something that you have been taught. For you, it is the “right way”.

When you begin to look around at friends and acquaintances you can see that we all really have different views on life and also have completely different effects from what we ourselves and others have caused us.

You can spin this as many times as you want but in the end, it is something else that plays a role.

So here is one more tip.

Just think deep into this question:

  • How do you want your future?

Make sure you dream about what you really want.
And now, make small differences in your everyday life and you will get the effect of what you dreamed of.

What do you think about this topic? Interesting? Something to add? Please, feel free to comment!

Big Love from me, Ellen <3

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