What is Earthing and Grounding? – A Way to Heal Yourself

What is Earthing, and Grounding?

Earthing and Grounding are the same thing or at least have the same effect.

The only difference is that different people use different words.

As you know, you need the sun right?!

But you actually also need the Earth.  Nowadays we mostly live inside our homes and we wear shoes when we’re on the outside.  This prevents us to get in contact with the Earth. Earthing/grounding means you connect to the earth/ground again and get the energy you need.

Anyone can ground them self and it is really easy! And in many practices for free! Grounding and earthing is when the energies in your body are not in balance. It might make you feel unhappy or even to get anxiety.

There are plenty of different ways to ground your self and I will give some advice here. You will get different answers depending on who you ask. Someone from China, for example, would use words like Ying and Yan but someone from the US might use Electrons, plus, and minus when they talk about the effects.

It does not matter. The importance lies in the benefit.

How to do it?

There are many ways but the most simple and free way is just walking in the grass barefoot.What is Earthing and Grounding?

Or why not hug a tree?

But if you don´t want to embarrass yourself you just but the back against the tree and pretend you are just resting for a while.

The energy can flow thought your clothing as long as they are not to thick.

There is also plenty of other exercises that can help you and the different persons or experts will use different variations. Here I describe some of these.

I don´t mean to say they don´t use all of the technics. It is just a way to realize how big this is and how many ways there are. So to be clear, my text here is very general!

-Median persons use crystalsWhat is Earthing and Grounding?

-Someone who meditates use visualization

-Easter world- use pressure points.

-Yogi-masters – use body exercises

-The western world- use earthing products like mats and sheets.

-I like –  to be barefoot, hug a tree or swim in the ocean

As I said, this is a very general list. People use the technic they find to be best for them and many mixes from different cultures. This was only to state there are many variations and different ways to talk about grounding.

Whatever is you find as your favorite. use that.

If you don´t have one, try out and see for yourself.

The easiest is of course just going outside being barefoot

The trees and the ground has the energy that you need. Just think about it when you are in nature you always feel great afterward.

Why do we need grounding?

We need this to feel good. That should be enough as an answer, but I will, of course, give you some more 🙂

There is actually a lot of studies shows the grounding works but more importantly, if you ask me, is what people say.

This is what many people describe:What is Earthing and Grounding?

-clearer thinking


-more energy

-less anxiety

-better sleep

Studies also show that your blood pressure stabilizes.

Well if this is not enough for you I will just make it even more simple.

–>You simply just feel better!

If you’re into meditation it is great to use grounding before you start. What is Earthing and Grounding?

It will help you to connect and reach higher awareness!

When you meditate it’s very easy to lose the connection and the concentration but if you are grounded this will help you.

Grounding will of course not solve all your problems. You still need to visit your doctor, eat food, meet friends and go to your work, sleep, etc. by that said do normal things.

But it might help you to feel better on your journey.

I think everyone who ever been in nature touching the ground knows the feeling.

Maybe you don’t understand that impact of this but it will help you

Products to use inside What is Earthing and Grounding?

Many companies sell sheets, mats and other products that you can use inside.  You just plug it the wall and then you will get the same effect is if you were outside.

I guess this is great if you live in an apartment and have to work most of the day. Time to stay in nature is not very long.

From what I heard this works but I guess this is up to each of us to try out.

Also if you take medicine I would suggest you ask your doctor first before buying one.


So, what is grounding?What is Earthing and Grounding?

Something that makes your life better!

What to do?

Pick an exercise that you like, buy a sheet or just go outside and hug a tree!

Hope this could help you!

Please comment or ask questions and I am happy to help you out!

4 thoughts on “What is Earthing and Grounding? – A Way to Heal Yourself”

  1. This is a great explanation about grounding/earthing and yet not too complex :). I remember when I was a teenager I had a lot of issues because I didn’t feel grounded, the moment I found out some good exercises suddenly everything went a lot better, I live in nature now and I couldn’t see myself living in a city again because I’m way too sensitive. I’m gonna bookmark your website to have a look at every now and then! Thank you!

    1. Hi! Thank you very much for commenting! It is true, it is really easy when you think about it! I´m glad to hear that this has helped you earlier in your life! 

      You are very welcome back!

  2. Hello Ellen,

    This is very good to share with people, thank you! Most people have heard that it is good for you to spend time outdoors for all kinds of reasons, but not so many are aware that spiritual power and strength is one of them.

    In the metaphysical tradition I am a part of, we learn about something called spirit substance. Another name for this spirit substance is “the Maker’s Clay” and its exact given definition is “the primordial substance from which ALL things are made.” 

    As you mention in your article, different cultures and traditions have different names for the same spiritual phenomena, and this is no exception. In the Chinese tradition, it has been called chi. In the Indian traditions, prana (though prana is actually something different).

    What makes spirit substance so special is that it is literally what everything is made from in the universe at the most fundamental level. The atoms are composed of spirit substance. That’s why it makes you feel so good to receive it…spirit substance is essential for healing and repairing the body at the atomic level and even the chakras and other spiritual anatomy.

    All of us naturally release and take in new spirit substance every day. It is vital for healing and repairing the body, so it is good to try and cultivate habits to help you bring in as much as you can.

    There are a few places we can get it from:

    1. Breathing

    2. The sun touching the skin

    3. The etheric currents of the Earth (what you are talking about in your article)

    4. Directly request to receive it with the divine light in some meditation techniques, such as the Higher Self Meditation

    When observed clairvoyantly, spirit substance would appear white but most often this is because it is carried to us within the holy Pure White divine light. That is why interestingly enough, people who spend a lot of time outdoors in nature often have a lot of white light in their auras, too!

    So you see, just like you said, there are a lot of ways to get it. I most certainly agree with you that one of the best ways is spending more time outside touching the earth (though you don’t even have to be barefoot for the etheric currents to come up through you from the ground, but it does feel better being barefoot!)–or hugging (or casually leaning) against trees which bring this energy up from the ground.

    My own favorite method though is bringing it in through the Higher Self Meditation with the Pure White Light. This way I can also more consciously participate in this beautiful natural spiritual process as well as focus on directing it to where I might need it most to go within my body to repair and heal.

    Thanks for such a great site! Looking forward to future posts!


    Desa Abbamondi

    1. Thank you, Desa for this very informative comment!

      Wonderful to hear you like grounding as much as I do.

      Life really becomes much easier when you are in contact with nature.

      Meditation thought from what I learned can be grounding but also not. Therefore I think people who are new within this area should start easy. 

      I write this only because I know some people who meditated without grounding and that became sick. 

      I know this is very unusual but I still think it is important to know. Not all kind of meditation helps you to be grounded.

      Thank you very much for filling in the list of different places to be grounded. Is it a big area, that is for sure!

      Well, how about going out in the grass for a while? 😉

      Best wishes


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