What are the Seven Universal Laws? – The Universal laws explained

The seven universal laws affect us all.

At first, you might think that these laws are obvious but if you study them what are the seven universal lawscarefully and at the same time know that you always have a choice, you will be able to make use of these laws and get an understanding to things you previously did not understand.

There is no special order, these laws but they can come in any order.

The laws are interrelated so it’s hard to talk about one without mentioning the other.

If you have a lot of thoughts about the law of attraction but feel that it is difficult, it may be good to gain more understanding of these seven laws.

It may also be helpful to understand more about how your mind works.

If you understand the depth of these laws, you will understand so much more in your life and be able to influence what direction you want to take.

You always have a choice!

This is the laws

Here I will only mention them briefly to give you an overview. Please comment below if you like me to write more about one of these. 🙂

The Law Of Polarity

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites”

Warm is opposite to cold. High is opposite to low. Boring is opposite to fun. Everything has an opposite. Think about it!

If there is wealth then there is poverty. Light is the opposite of darkness.

One cannot exist without the other. It can not, for example, be light if there is no darkness to shine in.

The Law Of PolarityMany of the richest people on earth have experienced poverty. Subconsciously, they knew that there was a counterpart and searched against this.

I will most likely write an article about our bodies and our mind. We know so much more than we can see with our brain. When this occurred to me, as it still does sometimes, I realized what incredible strength that is in me. And it is of course in you too!

Think about what you have in your life. What in your life is not so good? Look at it and realize that there is an antithesis. Where is the opposite you are looking for?

You can choose what you want in your life. It takes some practice, but everything you need is there!

The Law of Vibration

“Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrate”.

All you as a human being is made of is energy that vibrates.

Atoms consist of protons and neutrons that have electrons that circulate around them. This is energy. Energy can only move from form, move or enter a new form. It can never stop existing.

When you look at something in front of you, such as a chair, it is actually a lot of electrons that are in constant motion. Depending on which set of motion they have, you perceive it as just one chair.

Water that is boiled becomes steam. Paper was once a tree. Everything is energy in constant motion.

The Law of Vibration

Why do you need to know this then? Well, even your thoughts are energy. Even the things you don´t physically see is energy. All your dreams are also energy. Everything that you can think and feel is energy and everything that is energy can change form and become reality.

You have to create the dreams that you really want. Otherwise, you give energy to the dreams you do not want and then they are created instead.

Think about it. Are your thoughts along with your everyday life? Probably! Try changing your attitude and see that things are changing. However, be sure to understand that you need to feel this new idea throughout you! Otherwise, it is difficult to make things change.

I have written an entire article about energy and how it moves. Read here if you are interested.

The Law of Rhythm

Everything has a rhythm. You have bad days and you have good days. Ebb is followed by river.

Everything is in a constant rhythm and you have, even though it sometimes feels like a lot of resistance, the ability to choose.

When you have a bad day, remember that everything goes in a rhythm. That is to say, a good day will be back soon! Just the thought helps. In all cases, it works that way for me.

Nature is also in rhythm. Winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

We are constantly surrounded by rhythms. When you understand this, you can also understand that everyone else is in their rhythms and may, therefore, have a certain mood. You have the choice to be affected or not.

The Law of Mentalism

“All is mind, the Universe is Mental”.

The depth of this law, I personally think is incredible. Everything has a mind. Both the air we cannot see and our body. Our mind is connected to everything around us.

Think about this. When you think of a friend that you have not heard of, he or she will also think of you, do not be surprised if she or he suddenly contacts you.

When you think a negative thought about someone, this person will think of you too. Unfortunately, no positive thoughts. What you create for someone will most likely create the same for you. So try to see the good in all people. It will give you more of the good.

The Law of MentalismWe are interconnected and everything you think affects the mind you have in you and around you. Although something is physically several miles away, the mind is connected as if you were just close to each other.

The mind does not care about distance. You can influence people and events across the earth through the mind.

The Law of Correspondence

“As above, so below; as below, so above”

The same thing that is up there is also down. What is outside is also inside. how to visualizeFor example, all of us created from the dust of the universe in the Big Bang. What is in us is created by the universe and therefore we are also the universe.

Everything is the same. The power you have in you is as great as the power of the universe.

First, when I heard about this it seemed ridiculous. But now I understand. Try to think about this for a few days and also you might change your mind! Think about the times when you just knew that something was right without being able to enplane it.

I think this is so well described in the book “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Although it is a novel, the author has so clearly written how the man from Bali saw all belong together and got the main character in the book to understand that God is inside us.

This book I will definitely write about one day because it changed so much in my life. If you who read this have not been in contact with the spiritual but still feel that it is something interesting then read that book!

Spirituality is described so simply and so well. Plus, it’s a great story to read! And don’t watch the movie, it is not nearly as good. It is in the text you get an understanding of this, by following the protagonist’s thoughts and travel.

The Law of Gender

“Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles”.

For me, this took some time to understand but really it is quite simple. For something to be possible you need to have a male and a female side. In order for a baby to become, you need one of each.
The Law of Gender
For a tree to grow, you need two parts.

In us, we have both female traits and male traits that enable us to create everything we take. Should we just use one side, we would not feel good.

The Law of Cause and Effect

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause”.

Everything you do creates an effect. This effect becomes a new cause, which in turn becomes a new effect. In order to change the situation you’re in, you need to change your cause.

The Law of Cause and EffectWhen you change your cause, another effect will occur and you can see new causes after that. And so on.

Imagine what opportunities you have!

Change your behavior and this will create new effects that simply create a new life for you.

Someone who speaks a lot about this is Bob Proctor. I will write about him in another article because he is definitely worth it!

Or, I create a Review of one of his courses so you can see what’s really there. Bob is a real expert in all these laws and he is one of my biggest inspiration.

Do you know Bob Proctor? What would you most like to read about when it comes to him?

My thoughts about the laws of the universe

When I found the spiritual side in me and understood that this is something that is important for us as people to really feel good, I found things step by step.

These laws were not the first thing I read about but came later in my journey. First I read a lot about the law of attraction but I felt that there had to be something more.

I realized afterward that the law of attraction is part of “The Law of Vibration”. Some say that the law of attraction is the law of all laws, but when you think about it, it feels more reasonable that it is not.

Hope you got a little insight into these laws.

If you have questions, please write a comment!

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