The universal Law of Gender – Make your dreams come true

the universal law of genderThe universal law of gender – Also called The universal law of giving and receiving

Understand this, and you can make your dreams come true!

The universe of Law Of Gender is one of the seven hermetic laws.

The Law of Gender, or the principle if you rather like, states that everything has one part that is female and one that is male.

It means that nothing can exist if It doesn’t have both a female part and a male part.

If you do understand this law or principle you can gain a lot of good and reach your dreams much easier.

A lot of persons explain this like the yin yang but this, at least for me, makes it confusing. Because Yin and Yang is not a part of the hermetic laws. So this is just a way to make it easier, but I think it actually makes it more difficult to understand.

So, What is the Law of Gender?

The law of gender is, as I wrote, one of the seven hermetic laws and it states that everything has both female and the male part in it.

The female part is the receiving part and the male part is the gives.

Okay here comes that most important that you don´t want to miss.

It is not about whether it’s female or male it’s about the seed and how long it is a seed before it becomes something else. If you get this, this will help you.

Follow carefully now… and how long that seed needs before you can use in your everyday life to reach your goal.

What do I mean by that?

I will tell you…

When you have for example a carrot you could say approximately how long it will take before it starts to become a carrot from the time it is a seed. the universal law of gender

You can use it to make your goals or your dreams to come true if you know that this is all about your thoughts. Your thoughts ARE the seed.

The time something is a seed is different for different things. Like for example, you as a person were a seed for a lot of days and even month before you became a “real” person.

Well you know, this is also true when it comes to thoughts. They are also seeds. Seeds for your goals.the universal law of gender

So how do you know how long the seed (the thought) will have to grow before the goal is reached?

It depends on your ability to focus on the goal.

you have a goal and you want to accomplish something. Your thought is the seed and if you nourish it enough it will grow.

When you make it really clear then the time that the seed need will be shorter.

This also goes hand in hand by the Law of Attraction. What you think about will be your reality, right?

And when you get problems and don´t see your goals if when your subconscious mind tells you something else. Read here about the subconscious mind.

Get help to make your dream come true!

Someone who knows this really well and that explains it so good is Bob Proctor and he is actually one of the greatest persons that I know of.

Bob Proctor is really good at describing this. Not only can he described it well, he really knows what he’s talking about he built his whole company and his whole life around the universal laws because.

he studied them for so long and he is a great teacher!

I did some of his classes and every time it changed me in a positive way!

If you’re interested in knowing more about him I actually wrote articles about two of his programs and anyone who wants to personal development would really recommend you to check it in!

How to find the Goal and how to get it.the universal law of gender

I would first recommend you to write down everything that you like about now in your life, what do, what you have in your presence,

Important is to write everything that you really like because this will make you feel happier and you don’t make your new goals from a place of feeling bad.

You want to write these in a place of gratitude or happiness.

This is why we start by writing all the things you already have!

When you are done you write down these four different categories




-material things

Pick one and start writing down everything that you would like to have that area. Everything!

Then pick the next, and so on.

After this, you decide which one you want to start focusing on.

You cannot focus on all at the same time.

This, for me at last, is the absolute most difficult because I just want to do it all at ones!

But this will just bring chaos and the law of gender will not be at any help.

You have to pick one and focus until you got it before you go to the next one.

the thoughts will bring your goal closer and closer actually just like the seed of the carrot get closer and closer to become the carrot

If something goes wrong or doesn’t move in the direction you like, maybe it needs more “water”. You need to feel you goal with whatever is good for that goal. Just like the carrot needs water.

To understand this big world?The universal law of gender

So many laws and so many things to understand. I get really confused some times and I guess you do as well?

Nowadays I think I finally understand a lot and therefore also know how to use it and what to trust and what to not trust. For me, it helped so much to get real help from the professionals in these areas.

If you want to really understand this at get more help for your goal I encourage you to find a coach, like Bob Proctor for example. He changes my entire world and today I´m in a much better place in ALL areas in life!

Please comment if you have questions or something else to add!

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