The top 5 self-development Leaders 2019

top 5 self-development leaders 2019The top 5 self-development Leaders 2019

Self-development is the most important thing you can do if you want real change in your life.  Your change will not happen by accident, you need great leaders who can show you a better way.

Scroll down if you want to go directly to the list of the top ten leaders 2019. Here I am first going to write what I think a great leader is 😉

I have been reading a lot on this subject and also been to many seminars, online courses, and events. I love self-development, it has become my biggest interest, and I will list the top 10 self-development leaders in my opinion.

All of these leaders have at least one foot in the spiritual side of life with I think is crucial for real change. When I say spiritual I mean the feeling of belonging to the right place.
This inner feeling of being in the right places in life. I don´t mean to follow a specific belief system. I mean to find the right feeling you have inside. Even if you don´t belie in anything it is crucial to listen to your inner self.

Great leaders will …:

 top 5 leaders in self-delvelopment 20191. Get you to understand that You are responsible for everything in your own life.
Well, this might seem obvious but it is easy to argue it is someone else’s fault. Like: “if he would not do that” or “she said this and this is why I …”, “if I only..”
Do you get the point?

2.  Talk about there own journey and how they solved their problem.
If they have a journey you know they actually know what they talking about and not make it up to sell.

top 5 leaders in self-delvelopment 2019

3. Force you to take action in new ways that you did not try before
If you act the same way you will get the same results. Change the acting and the result will follow. Great leaders know this and will force you in new ways of action.

4. Have a lot of followers who give them great reviews.
There are many players out there. Make sure the leader you choose is someone that has proved their method works.

The top 5 self-development leaders 2019

I have been searching for the leaders that actually make the biggest impact and not only talks. Hope you find someone that can help you self-develop!

Starting from number 5:

5. Dalai Lama


How can someone reach and make an impact with so many people without any money and no belongings?

Dalai Lama sure knows how to reach you with only the words of wisdom.

He made several books and my favorite is “The art of happiness” where you get plenty of good advises of how to change your mood and get peace of mind. The knowledge from Dalai Lama is big and the book can be read many times and you still learn new things.

Other books he wrote (direct link to Amazon):

The book of joy, lasting happiness in a changing world
The art of Happiness
Road to peace
My spiritual journey

4. Vishen Lakhiani Entrepreneur, meditation instructor, and computer engineer.

The 6 Phase Meditation Quest is a meditation process that Vishen Lakhiani designed. The method is proven to help you in a very few days and very easy steps.

3. Rhonda Byrne, author and movie maker

top 5 self-development leaders 2019

This woman made a whole world change back in 2006. Now 2019 the book and movie still make a huge change for people and many people discover this book for the first time.

When she releasedThe Secret ” there were thousands of people who got a better life and who discovered possibilities in life.

I have to say Rhonda Byrne is still one of the most influential persons living on Earth.  The Secret explains the Law of Attraction in a very simple way and this will help your inner Self to develop.

For even more action she also wrote follow-ups. In these, you find action-plans how to actually make the change.

Here are her 3 follow-ups and a direct link to amazon if you like to read more about these books.

The Magic
The power

2. Lisa Nichols, author, and motivational speaker.

5 top self-development leaders 2019

Lisa is wonderful and her energy is super high!
One thing I like about Lisa is that she talks about all areas in life and that to find true happiness you have to work at the all.

Many of my big break thoughts have happened trough Lisa.

In her books you will find great exercises for you progress. The link goes directly to Amazon and you can read more about these books there.

My two favorites are “Abundance now” and “No matter what”.
Both of these books will give you a great platform and really good tools to help you develop.

They are easy to read and still have great content!

1. Bob Proctor, best selling Author, coach, and expert in self-development

5 top self-development leaders 2019

Bob has more knowledge and more experience than many other leaders on this planet. For 60 years (!!) he studied how to develop as a person and he helped hundred of thousand people on the way.

His classes are very high quality and easy to grabs.

Bob Proctor is an expert in how the subconscious mind works and know exactly how to help you.

If you are new to Bob I recommend this program that is only for a weekend (this is a direct link to the program so that you can read more about it).
“The art of goal achieving” (before called Paradigm Shift seminar).
A seminar for one weekend that will make your world change!

Personally, I LOVED this weekend! Read my review here.

If you know him from before I recommend(this is a direct link to the program so that you can read more about it).
“The six minutes of success”

You get one video every day for one whole year and make progress for your life step by step.

I did a review at this as well. Read my review here.



Hope this list could help you and that you find someone that you like.

Please comment if you have a question and I am happy to help!



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