The Law of Polarity Explained – 4 Ways to Reach Abundance

The Law of polarity explained. What is it and how can you improve your Law of attraction-wishes!

I will take you through:

  1. What is the Law of Polarity
  2. The opposite is an illusion
  3. Law of Attraction and Law of Polarity
  4. FOUR ways to make real change!

What is the Universal Law of Polarity

The law of Polarity is one of the 7 Hermetic Laws.

It states that everything has a polar opposite and it’s actually is even deeper.
everything needs to have an exact opposite to even exist.

For hot to exist it has to be cold.

To feel the happiness you need to know what sadness is and how it feels.

The Opposite is an illusion

This took a while for me to grab.

There is NO such thing as the opposite. Everything is polar of the same thing.

Say you wish for success…

You think about the success but the failure keeps following you.

You think it is two different things, but really they are the same.

When you can fully accept the failure, the success can enter. I will dive deeper into this in the next parts where I write about the Law of Attraction for you to understand more.

An easier example would be hot and cold. They are temperature.

If you start to use the word temperature you realize this is the same, right?!
Cold and hot is just in different ranges of the temperature.

This is also true when it comes to happiness and sadness. They are emotions, right?!
They are connected and there is a place in between where you are neither happy or sad.

This is in the middle of both emotions and probably here you are most of the time.

Law of Polarity in the Law of Attraction.

A lot of persons who want to attract through the Law of Attraction actually have trouble. The law of polarity is the reason.
Want to know why?

The reason is this: When you say “I want to have good health” you also say you “don’t want to be healthy” because it is not an opposite, it is polarity.

In other words, THE SAME THING!

Like warm and cold is: temperature.

Small or big is: volume

Far and near is: distance

So how to deal with this problem? 


Yep, it is that simple. (I didn’t say easy!… Just simple)

When you truly accept and give thanks to everything in your life, including what you don´t have, your subconscious mind can go for the right direction.

I know I´m writing a lot about the subconscious mind in my posts, but it is necessary.

The subconscious mind is about 95% of everything we experiencing.

When you accept all health, bad and good, you can be focusing on what you like to have. If you don´t accept it your subconscious mind will constantly remind you about what you don´t want to have.

The subconscious mind doesn´t know the difference between bad and good. It just collects information and is there to remind you of everything in your life always.

So, when you try to attract good health and don´t accept bad health this happens:
Your subconscious mind will send the message of bad health the same time as your conscious mind send the message for good health.

The strongest one will win. Often it is the subconscious mind…

Of course, it is the exact same for success…

…and for relationships…

…and friendships…

…or whatever you need to get more from in life.

GOOD NEWS! There are ways to stop this pattern!

4 ways to make the real change

1. Gratitude is the real deal

There are now plenty of studies that declare gratitude will increase all areas in your life.

Gratitude is the most important ingredient in how to be happy. It makes you like what you have even if it’s not good. Only after some days, you will feel a difference.

If you want you can read my article about gratitude and you can see the great benefit from this

2. Take all responsibility for everything in your life

Well, this is a bit difficult, I know! but it works! trust me! When I heard this the first time I felt a bit tired just by thinking about all the responsibility I needed to take.
Then I took one thing at a time and, it worked!

If you want to try you think “this is my responsibility” for all problems that occur. Then act on what you need to fix it.

3. Go to a coach and take lessons from the leaders that know their things!

And pick a good one. Don´t pick anyone. And don´t choose on the price but by the legitimacy!

Pick someone that have good reviews and where you can feel that you really developed even if it costs.
When you have a coach you go invest in you and are more likely to do whatever you need to change your pattern.

My first choice: Bob Proctor! He studied this for 60 years and he is one of the best teachers you can get!

He’s courses changed my life!

–> Here is where I found the best guidance to become a better version of me <–

4. Read books for self-development!
This will improve your way of thinking and you will start recognizing parts in your life that needs to improve. Change one and this will make your whole life change.

My first choice: Lisa Nichols. She is one of my biggest inspirators! She wrote plenty of books and my favorite is “no matter what”!

To sum up!

If you deep dive into this I can guaranty you this will make a bigger impact the law of attraction itself. The Law of attraction will work if the is nothing “in the way”.

If you get this your life will change.

For me it started when I decided to go for coaching and take classes. Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols are my favorites and if you are serious about you change, you might need some help on the go.

–> Here is where I found the best guidance to become a better version of me <–

To see the black spot you need someone from outside.


Wish you all luck and please comment if you have questions!


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