The Law of Attraction and Gratitude – This is key

Today I will write about the law of attraction and gratitude.gratidute-and-the-law-of-attraction

Read the whole way thought.

There might be ideas in the end that is written for you.

To understand the whole idea is the only way you can make real change.
Step by step.

When you enter the other side, you will be very grateful you made it thought.

Trust me, I been through this prosses!

And yes, of course, I will make progress my entire life.

I´m NOT perfect.

But at least now I am now mostly happy. And with no bad feelings of being ME.

This is what I hope for you too!

Pleasent reading!

Why Gratitude is Important for Attracting what you want



The secret to getting anything in your life is actually gratitude.

A lot of people misunderstand this and think they can manifest by affirmations and visualizations..

It is not that simple.

Our conscious mind can do the visualization but our subconscious mind will always remind us of everything else that we stored there. Or at least until we have dealt with it or accepted it.

When you start being grateful for things you will realize that things will actually change and the things that you don’t like will also turn around to something good.

You have to accept everything that is stored in your subconscious mind. When you do this the subconscious mind doesn’t have to tell you these things anymore.

Gratitude is one of the best ways to get there.

When you feel gratitude it can feel a bit ridiculous but after a while, you will see this power of this and then you don´t want to stop.

When you are grateful for something, even the things you don’t actually like, you often start to like this. You can also see how to benefit from it instead of loosing from it.

What is the law of attraction in short words?

Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.

It declares that you can get anything you want if you are just feeling it deep enough.

Law of Attraction states that you can manifest anything you like in your life.

Many people know of the Law of Attraction but also a lot of people don’t get it to work and therefore say it does not work… Well, this is because they don’t get the whole idea. Or because nobody told them.

Law of Attraction is not the only Law, witch many people think, so you have to understand all of them before you can manifest what you like.

But to start practicing gratitude is a very good way.


What is gratitude?

Gratitude is when you give thanks for someone or something for what they have.

you decide to look for the good parts instead of the bad part. And also you give thanks for the bad parts for what they try to tell you.

When you practice gratitude you will feel a lot better!

Gratitude can be difficult but it’s also can be really easy. Either way, it will do you good!

When I first started out practicing gratitude I didn’t know how to be grateful for everything and I actually wrote a whole article about this. I guess I’m not the only one and I want to help people in the same situation.

What to be grateful for?

You can be grateful for actually anything in your life.

It can be small things – like how you walked and how it felt to walk.
It can also be big things – like something you accomplished.

The great news is that doesn’t matter how big or small, it only matters how you feel afterward.

When you use gratitude to attract what you want your subconscious mind don’t have to remind you of the bad stuff because you already accepted it.

Do you get it? Can you see the power of gratitude?


When the subconscious mind doesn’t have to remind you, the limitations get smaller. And you can start attracting what you want to have.

I practice gratitude EVERY DAY. I suggest you do the same.


4 ways to practice gratitude

There are many ways to practice gratitude

Two very easy and common ways are first thing in the morning or the last thing before you go to bed.gratidute-and-the-law-of-attraction

Good for you I will give you four different options. Try one and if you don´t like it, try the next.

  1. Morning. Stay in bad and try to do it at the moment you realize you are awake. Give thanks to all the hour you got for sleep. Even if it was a crappy night. Give thanks to these few hours that you got. Then just give thank to anything coming up in your mind. Keep on doing until you run out of ideas. or about 5 minutes.
  2. Evening. right before you fall asleep you go through the whole day and give thanks to everything you experienced during the day. If it is possible say you thanks out load. You help your self to not fall asleep and to focusing longer if you do this.gratidute-and-the-law-of-attraction
  3. Gratitude list. Write down 10 things to be grateful for in the book every day. This can be a great way to go back and see what kind of things you have been grateful for. Also, you can do it whenever if fit you during the day.
  4. All-day long. You can also do this for the whole day. Every time you remember, you think of this thing and say thank for the things that you are doing or that came into your mind.

If you have struggles in your life then it can be really great to instead of being angry about it change your mind and start practice gratitude.

What I did what Helped Me

I started out with gratitude after a coach session. The coach told me to start practicing gratitude every night. My first response was I can I didn’t have anything to be grateful for.

I know that my coach really knew what she was talking about so I decided to give it a try.

It was mind-blowing!!

Only a week later my emotions changed dramatically.

After a while, I decided to instead change and write a gratitude list in a book.

…and then I changed my mind again. Maybe my coach was right anyway.

I decided to do it before nighttime and this has since then been my favorite!

I found an app that makes it easier than I use every night.

There are also other things that will help you. I recommend you to get more understanding of the seven hermetic laws. Especially the law of polarity. If you get a bigger perspective this will help you.


But my biggest recommendation is to get help from people who really know what they are talking about. One of the best things you can do is to invest in YOU!

My favorite is Bob Proctor. He made some stunning studies about this and he shares a lot. Read about the Paradigm shift seminar, that Bob Proctor leads, that changed so many things in my life!

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Please comment if you have questions or what to discuss something!

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