Spirituality In Science – Quantum Physics Unites

Spirituality and science go hand in hand.

Here I will describe, in simplified terms, what scientists all over the world have come up with:

  • Spirituality in science can exist.

First, I explain what I think spirituality is. Then I explain some basic of quantum physics, which is the science behind the fact that spirituality and science go together.

After that explain how they actually fit together and then give my thoughts on this.

Science and spiritualism may not be as far apart as we actually believe.

quantun physics unite spirituality and science

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is not a religion, but all religions need spirituality.

Spirituality can be described in so many ways and it is up to each person to describe it as one wants.

For me, spirituality is to go inward, feel what is my truth and through this find peace and harmony.

I listen to my inner self and find happiness through spirituality. When I follow my inner voice I feel a sense of calm that rarely if found when I instead try to go on logic.

Quantum physics – the smallest constituents we know

First, I´m not a physiologist and I will write in simplified ways.

Quantum physics, what is it? And why should we talk about this …?

I start from the beginning. At first, it was believed that all matter on earth is stationary, in other words, matter.

That is things consist of solid elements. So, for example, if you looked at a chair, it was simply a chair.

Gradually we began to find that there were much smaller constituents (actually there were people who knew this already from about 460 BC but they could not prove that they were right).

Only in the 20th century, we could see the atoms.

If you put atoms next to each other, it will appear as matter.

When you split an atom once or twice it starts to act differently and we then call it Quantum Physics.

Quantum physics are the smallest elements in the universe. So to called “electrons” or “particles”.

These tiny particles or electrons behave in ways that can be difficult for us to understand.

Test for understanding how electrons behave

Scientists did a test. (This is very simplified written) They took particles of electrons and shot on a wall through two holes.

The result what amazing! It was seen that the particles behaved quite differently depending on whether they were observed or not! I will try to explain here.

quantum physics meets spirituality

The result showed that when the particles were NOT observed they acted as waves of vibration and ended up on different lines just like vibrations would, and not in line with the holes as you may think it would. (Let’s call this option 1)

When one instead observed this, that is, put an instrument or an eye that could see, the result was different.

The electrons were aligned with the holes as if it were solid matter. They then only became two lines next to each other. (Let’s call this option 2)

The results are this:

  • Electrons appear different if they are observed or not.

The Power of Thought – Spirituality, and Quantum physics

We humans are, as I mentioned earlier, also made of atoms, electrons, and particles. Our bodies, our feelings, and even our thoughts are therefore particles.

Physicist wanted to see if the electrons in the test above could be influenced with only the power of thought, to see if the thought itself could make the electron behave as solid matter or if it needed a proper look. (option 2, see above)

At first, people who were not used to meditating were trying to imagine what hole the electron would go through.

They only managed to keep the concentration for short seconds and did not manage to imagine what would happen. The electrodes continued to behave like waves. (option 1, see above)

quantum physics, meditate, observ, law of attractionThen people who meditated a lot did the same thing, ie, try to imagine which hole the electrode went through. Here it was incredibly much better results.

They could make the electron go through the desired hole and this created patterns such as solid mass do. (option 2)

To be sure that it was not the person in the room that affected, they tried to do this via the internet in various places around the world.

Even at this point, the thought made the electrons behave differently.

Incredibly interesting is that it was the exact same result regardless of how far from the earth those who conducted the test were.

You Can Affect Your Future

You can use this knowledge to influence your way of thinking and your future.

Mind and matter are not separated.

When you think about what you want in the future, it will likely be as you think.

If you are feeling very bad you create more bad in your life. Your future is many times (but it is actually not this simple, Read about the seven laws to get deeper understanding) paired with the present.

Happy or unhappy, what do you choice?The good thing is that you can turn this around. Your thought and your patterns are habits that you can change and this knowledge can help you create a happier life.

Law of attraction is a part of the spiritual life of many persons. The Law of attraction works because of quantum physics.


Here you can read more about the Law of attraction and a great book that makes it very easy to understand what it is.


Meditation is something you can use and do influence your life positively.

Just as the test showed, those who meditated could control the particles just as they wanted. This is incredible when you think about it, and I think this is big to grabs.

However, it makes in a way sense.
When I meditate everything becomes so much clearer.

Solid matter is thoughts and can be transformed through thoughts.

We can feel things and know things that we think are beyond us by including meditation. We have everything within us.

If you never tried to meditate my recommendation is to start right away! Meditation is a bigger and more powerful tool than many people realize.
Read here if you like to start.


The Spirituality Regains its Rightful Place

Spirituality has for many years been banned here in the western world.

Quantum physics, together with people’s need to live in spirituality, means that it is now on its way back to hopefully get its rightful place here.

In science, we now need to re-evaluate what we thought was true. Once we thought the earth was flat, it turned out to be round.

Now we seem to need to re-evaluate how we look at the solid matter. By seeing how the thoughts could affect electrons, we now know that matter and mind are in many cases the same thing.

My Thoughts

So now I have made a brief review of both spirituality and quantum physics. Of course, I can deep dive even further into these topics for you to truly understand.

Please write a comment if it is something you want me to write about 🙂

Spirituality is what made me sit here and write this article. Without it, I had still been stuck in my old patterns that didn’t make me particularly good.

meditate law of attractionEarlier in my life, I banned everything spiritual.

Fortunately, everything was turned upside down one day and I realized that we need spirituality to feel good.

Today I exercise meditation daily and do my best to listen to my body.

Was it easy? Both yes and no. No, because I had to re-evaluate everything I thought was true. And yes because it gave me so much energy so the new knowledge just came to me.

I have also been lucky to find good leaders and good books that made me understand.

If you want to read more about me and my story you can find it here.

For those of you who are still hesitant, take your time. Spirituality is not a competition, but something to live in. You have your whole life to live <3

Namaste and love!

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