Six Minutes to Success, scam or not? a must read review

What is Six Minutes to Success about? Is it a scam or not? How much does the Six Minutes of Success cost?

I will tell you all the juicy things you want to know!

After I tried this out, I would say that this is an ingenious idea of Bob Proctor. It changes my whole day and takes just 6 minutes a day! Often less…

Six minutes to success

Short overview

Product: Six minutes to Success, an online program made by Bob Proctor and Sally Gallagher
Price:  First 2 weeks only $1 dollar/week,  Then $29,97/month.
Where to Get It:
Guarantee: No guarantee, BUT the two first weeks you got the chance to try it out risk-free!
Notice Period: No, you can decide to leave whenever you like and just pay the month you started, except for the first two weeks, they only count these weeks and you don´t have to pay any further.
My Rating: 9 out of 10
Scam: NO

Six minutes of success, Overview

What happens is that you get a video every morning, sent to your e-mail, with a tip or an idea that will help you in your life.

These tips will help you become a better and more conscious person. Through these 6 minutes, you will have energy and good tools to include in your everyday life.

You are led through various themes through the program. First, it is basic things and slowly it becomes more and more complicated.

Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallhager are your leaders and the ones you see on the screen in front of you.

They talk about, among other things, habits, visualization, gratitude, the universe’s laws, behaviors, goals and lots of other great things! They also talk about why it is important to have this knowledge and how to use it.

Here you get simple tools that you can take with you during the day.

It is built so that you slowly but surely get someone to hold your hand and help you towards a better mood, a better financial life, richer relationships, better self-esteem, etc.

Bonuses resources

When you become a part of the Six Minutes to success you will be a part of Proctor Gallager Institute and I will tell you they give you lots of bonuses. There are extra pdf´s, extra videos and a lot more that you can enjoy without paying a single extra penny!

Customer support

They are really fast to answer any question and it is easy to understand how to get help if you need.

Pros & Cons


  • It’s well worked
  • You get a lot of information
  • Easy to understand
  • Clear instructions
  • Low price for what you get
  • First two weeks for just 1 dollar each, which means you can test risk-free!
  • great tools for the rest of your life


  • Sometimes I feel the videos a little too short, I want even more!
  • Sometimes it hurts in one’s self to hear something that one might not want to hear. But maybe this is something good..
  • Can be experienced as a high price if you do not understand what you get out of it.

Not sure yet?

If you think might be something for you but you are not just sure yet, Bob and Sandy made a really good thing.

They decided that the 2 first weeks would only cost you 1 dollars/week (!!). results that stickIf you don´t like it you just leave it after that and you only paid 1 or 2 dollars.

This is actually why I tried it out in the beginning. I didn’t even think I was going to continue…

Here is a short cut if you like: SixMinutesToSuccsess

Please, tell me your opinion or ask questions down below! Maybe you want to give me your review? 🙂

Hope this review helped you! Is there something you like me to do a review about I´m happy to help out as long as it is something around self-help 🙂

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