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Law of attraction and Finding Love and relationship!


How do I know it is the key to finding love?? law of attraction and finding love

I have been giving this exact task to people and everyone who followed it at hundred percent did find there love!

One thing many people who write here online don´t write is that it is actually all about the subconscious mind.

If you google “how to use the law of attraction for love relationships”, it is not very clear how and why you should do different task. I will make it clear and you only have to follow the steps!

First I will give you all the information What to do?! and then I will explain more about the Subconscious mind so that you really can understand why you need to do these tasks.

The “What to do?!” is divided into three different steps:

What to do – Step 1

Keep going  – Step 2

Take action – Step 3


So, What to do!?


law of attraction and loveTurn your home into a place where you’re actually can feel you live with another person. This is you love to come!

  • I like you to take an extra toothbrush and put it together with your toothbrush. When you do this I want you to really feel that this toothbrush is for your love!
  • I want you to take a towel and put it next to yours and really feel it like it for your love!
  • In your bed, put an extra pillow, and really feel like is it for your love. And if it is possible to sleep on one side of the bed, please do that from now on.
  • If you have a big house and you have a car and there is a possibility to put your car on the side so there would be room for the other car, please do this. Make room for your love!
  • where you sit and eat every day there has to be room for two. Maybe you allready have two places, then do nothing but sometimes people have a lot of stuff on all other chairs. Get rid of these. and also at the table so there is room for one person.

Keep Going! – You can do this!

STEP TWOfinding love law of attraction

What you want to do now is really believe that there is someone living there with you and it’s not just anyone it’s your future love.

If you noticed I bolded the same text. “…feel like is it for your love….”. This is crucial for this to work!

Your subconscious mind will make this work for you if you feel this all the way into your bone!

Next step is to keep in going:

  • Every time you brush your teeth, feel that he or she is there with you and you have a really cozy time together brushing teeth.
  • Every time you go to bed, feel like your kiss your love goodnight and do this with all your heart.
  • Every time you eat a meal, feel he or she is sitting there with you! You don’t have to talk for real and do role-play but in your mind really feel he or she is there

Take Action! You are strong and can do everything you like!


After following step one and two you will feel and think different.

Just notice every time you see that extra toothbrush. Certainly, you thought about your love, right!?

All these different thoughts will bring you new thoughts and it might be that you don´t even notice it.

But WHEN you notice a new thought around love, I want you to really focus and “listen” to that and take action!

If you get a feeling of going to a special place or to bring up the contact to someone that you know or something feels “just right to do”, you should act on this!

Action will be your key to take the step into finding your love!

The only time you should NOT take action is when something feels really bad or if you get a feeling of hurting someone mentally. It should never feel bad and no one ever needs to be hurt. Not someone else and of course not you either!

If you are just nervous this is a good sign! Go for it!

 These are things that can come across your mind that you can act on:

  • you want to talk to a specific person
  • you really want to text someone
  • you really want to talk to someone or you meet on the street
  • you want to make a party
  • you want to join a party
  • you want to join a course or something else where there are other persons.
  • anything that makes you meet people

law of attraction and finding love

This is what you should avoid doing:

  • stay on your sofa watching TV
  • don´t go to the party someone invited you to
  • say no to a coffee with a friend
  • don´t take any action and don´t meet people

I will encourage you to be more open-minded to new persons that didn’t think was right for you.

Actually, this might be the person for you. The attraction is not always there in the beginning, it can grow.

Of course, it’s really important that you have some kind of attraction. If you feel a disgusting feeling or something else that is not nice you should not go in that direction.

An Extra Task if you Like to Dive Deep!law of attraction love relationships

A lot of times we pick our loves because we are madly in love or we just feel that “this is the best I can get”. or we think it is good to have someone to “take care of”, someone that makes us feel stronger.

We think we want this, but is it really true?

  1. List all the previous relationships you had and write down patterns you can find.


  1. If you never had a relationship you write down the patterns around “why you never had one”. What did your thought told you that made you never take the chance?

2.  Now, write instead what you actually wound feel better to have.  I really encourage you to open your mind here!

3. Read this every day so that this becomes you knew thoughts!

Why Does this Work?

It works because of the subconscious mind.subconsius mind law of attraction

You need to understand that our subconscious mind is the answer to nearly everything in our life! We are totally depending on it!

If we can change the subconscious mind it can really make a difference in our life much more than you probably understand!

95% of everything we know is located in the subconscious mind.

This means all thoughts all your talents, all patterns, all actions, how to behave, how to walk, how to talk, how someone sounds when they are angry vs happy.

When you change your home this opens up new possibilities and the subconscious mind must change or make new patterns.

If you don´t change anything you will keep going in your old believes.. even how hard you try.

You have SO MANY thoughts about your self and how you are as a person, and also you have a lot of opinions about other persons. This is in your way!

if you want to know more about your subconscious mind you can actually to talk to your friend because he or she might have noticed how you talked about your love life and about relationships and about other persons.

Ask your friend to tell you and then you can change your patterns of beliefs easier.

Some friends maybe even can tell you why it didn’t work with previous guys or girls. since they see it from the outside they can help you!

love and law of attration

Wish you all luck!

I hope this text can help you to find your love. I know it will work if you do the work! So I really encourage you to do it!

please put a comment or question if you want and I will do my best to answer.

wish you all the best!

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