Paradigm Shift Seminar reviews – A mind-blowing experience!

Paradigm Shift seminar review

paradigm seminar live stream

Product: Paradigm shift live stream Review
Price:  $147.00
Where to Reserve your spot:
Paradigm shift live stream
Duration: 2 and a half day
Guarantee: No – But you will be able to see the seminar for 14 days extra
My Rating: 9,5 out of 10
Is this a scam? No

Paradigm shift seminar, 
Product Overview

sandy gallaherFor me this paradigm shift seminar was mindblowing and I will tell you why in this review

Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, who is the leaders of this seminar, are so good at teaching that I felt like I had a year of learning just going to this one seminar!

This is what you will get:

– To learn from the leaders how really know what they talking about and did this journey them self.

– Quality information that you can use for the rest of your life!

bob proctor– They will give you exercises that will turn your mind into something you did not think was possible.

– It is actually that good that a lot of there student go for many paradigm seminars!

Bob and Sandy Teach You How to Get What You Like

What I liked the most is that you will learn how to get whatever you like in life. Really whatever you like!

Is it peacefulness? Money? Prosperity? More time with your family? A Bigger carrier?

I guess you and I have different goals. I think we all really have different goals and vision. Bob and Sandy will help you to reach it and they make you understand so much more about You and how Your mind really works.

You will be lead throw things like, how the mind works, and what it is. They will tell you about the importance of making goals and they will try to make you create one for your self in a way that you did not expect.

This was the hardest part for me, but if you can make it, which I know you can, it will really help you on the way!

Pros & Consgood

Nothing is perfect in this world so I will give you the pros and cons of this seminar.


  • This seminar will make you feel happier
  • This seminar will change you as a person in a great way
  • This seminar will give you knowledge for the rest of your life
  • The leaders are really good at explaining things so it feels like you learned things for a whole year even if it just was two and a half day
  • You will get a lot of guiding to print out to keep forever
  • You can watch this for 14 days after the seminar is over


  • A little to much talk about making money
  • There was a little too much waiting in the beginning before they started out

Sure it’s some money, But the Values you get Are Unreal

To change your behavior you have to change your awareness. Think about it! When someone tell you something you do not now you change your awareness, right? This seminar really will make your awareness bigger.

You will get to know all this:

  • What to think about when it comes to goals and how to really make them
  • How we as humans act and what results this will give us
  • How you can get WHATEVER YOU WANT
  • A lot of knowledge in how to get the best version of you
  • The importance of knowledge

I like to tell you that if you compare to the other product of Proctor Gallager Institute you will see that this is actually cheap.

For instance, it costs  $ 18.000 (!!) to become a Proctor Gallagher consultant and $ 6.995 if you want to join there coaching. Which I actually have to say is worth it because of all the value… but still… it is a lot of money!

This is one of the reasons I like this seminar. It gives a lot of value and it is not so costly.

If you join this seminar I think you also will understand why the other product is so expensive. You will understand the value.

Why I recommend this

I honestly think this is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I would like more people to experience this because I KNOW this will help anyone how what something more in this life.

What I also like is that it is not so expensive if you compare to what you will gain.

This is real education that will help you continue from where you are today.

Go here if you want to reserve your spot: Paradigm Shift seminar

Please comment below if you have any questions OR if you want to write your own review! I’m happy to know your opinion.

paradigm shift seminar

Wish you a fantastic day!

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