Meditation tips for Beginners at Home – Easy guide to use

Is this your question?: “I want to start meditating but you don’t know how? and I want to do it at home”.

Then you are at the right place!

I will give you the perfect meditation tips for beginners at home so you can start out easy Meditation tips for beginners at home

If you like more I will also tell you what meditation is, and write about the difference between a beginner and an expert what struggles there can be and how to overcome them.

Meditation tips for beginners at home – An Exercise

1. Find a place to sit. want to be sure to sit in an upright posture and still comfortable. There should be no tensions.

If you feel it’s very unpleasant to sit in the way you are sitting trying to change it too, perhaps you should sit at a chair.

3. Close your eyes.

4. Start breathing normally.

5. Find a place between your eyes our focus on this (this is called the third eye).

6. Focus on your third eye for one minute.

One minute will seem like a loong time as a beginner.

7. After the first minute, shift your focus to the breathing. Feel your breath on the way in feel your breath on the way out. You will have a lot of thought and emotions.

This is normal. Just think “okay, there is that thought” and go back to thinking about the breathing. Sometimes you even have new thoughts every second. It is still normal. Your only focus is to go back to the breathing.

8.Do this for about five minutes. Not more if you’re new.

Congratulations you made your first meditation! Meditation tips for beginners at home

This is very uncommon but it happens so I feel it is my responsibility to write about it:

If you feel like you’re flying away and “the whole world disappears” and you feel dizziness you should stop. I would suggest you do some grounding first. Grounding is when your body is connected to the Earth.

Normally we are grounded and don´t have to think of this. So you don´t have to do anything as long as you can continue the focus at the breathing every time, you notice that you lost it.

Why I´m writing this is because this is information that I think everyone should know before they start. No one told me about this and fortunately I did not have any problems.

But I know people who did meditation with lack of this information and that ended up quite unhappy. If you take it slow and listen to you body you will do fine! And you will LOVE meditation. This is a healthy way to go.

Okay, so… back to the fun parts!

What is meditation?

Many people tried to explain and convince me to meditate but I just didn´t get it. the first time someone explained meditation for me it a way that I could reach was in a book called “Eat, Pray, Love”. If you like to get a deeper understanding I recommend this book!

I can not write a whole book here but I can give you some information.

The answer would be different depending on who you ask..Meditation tips for beginners at home

If you ask a Buddhist or a Hindu: Meditation helps you to come closer to the Oneness of the universe. Also, you get a higher Consciousness and see things in a different way. We are all one.

If you ask the western world: it is good for releasing stress and anxiety and to feel good. It helps you to gain focus and sleep better.

From the beginning, Meditation is a spiritual practice.

Here in the western world, we made it something else. It has become more and more something else than religion.

Buddhism and Hinduism are the two biggest religions that use meditation.

What you don´t think of is, that actually most of the religions use meditation.

Not in the way that you might think about but..

Meditation also includes prayers which are a part of most of the religions.

What do you need to think about when doing meditation at home?

You want to find a place of silence. Since you are new at this I would recommend you to make sure there are no sounds that disturb you. After a while, it doesn’t matter if there is noise around but in the beginning, is will.

Since you will sit for a longer time, you can find something soft to sit on. Meditation tips for beginners at home

I would recommend you to not do this in your bed, at least not now when you are not used to this yet.

If possible, make one place in your apartment/house that is your “meditation area”.

You can use a yoga mat that you can put out in the same place every time. This will help your brain to know that this is a place for meditation.

How do I know if I’m doing it wrong?

The practice lies in the ability to gain the focus for longer and longer period. In the beginning, only two seconds is great. After while you can do 4 seconds and by the time your ability to focus will stay longer.

I know it can be difficult to focus again, and again, and again, but doing this will help you much more than you might understand.

The benefits of meditation don´t start from at once. You need to practice it often.Meditation tips for beginners at home

As I wrote earlier: The only thing that you should be aware of is if you feel dizziness.

If this happens, take a break. Then I suggest you do some grounding. Grounding will help you stay connected with the Earth.

And how do you know when you need Grounding?

First, don´t worry about this. It is very unusual.

As long as you can come back to the breathing every time, you think about it, then you do it right. Then you don’t have to worry.

By that said I still think meditation is wonderful and that everyone should try it! It really helps!

Beginner vs. Advanced what is the difference?

Is there any difference between a beginner and a person who has been meditating for a while?

Yes, it is.

In the beginning, it’s sooo difficult to concentrate.

After a time, you can manage more minutes, and after a lot of practice, an hour and if you go very deep you can manage many hours.

A person who meditates a lot can do this for hours and still be present. Isn’t that impressive??!Meditation tips for beginners at home

If you are a spiritual believer you can also by time level up your awareness about life and the world.

It’s very easy to “fly away” when you do meditation for longer. If you’re not been practicing before. Then just accept it and go back to the breathing. Again and again.

When you practice for a long period you gain more focus and peace. You will also get a higher awareness of life.

Higher awareness sounded for me crazy until I read the book Eat, Pray, Love.

–> This Book was definitely the reason for me to understand why meditation is GREAT and why is it so popular to meditate!! <–

If you want to read my review of this book: read here.

It is a fun, inspiring and wonderful book!

Last wordsMeditation tips for beginners at home

I think everyone should try to meditate at least ones. What to lose?

It is difficult to explain the great outcome in words but if you continue this is game-changing!

It helped thousands of people in different ways, and who knows, maybe yours too? 🙂

Please comment if you have questions or anything else you want to share!

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