Law of Attraction Success Stories – How To Start Out

A lot of the world’s greatest influencers, leaders and inspires use the Law of Attraction and their inner nature to be able to create successes of various kinds. Some are aware that they do it and others are not.

I’ll list a few and what they do for you to understand better. I will also list which ones you can get good help from in order to benefit from this yourself.

However, I want to make you understand that it is not always as simple as many bloggers and YouTubers out there trying to convey.

There are many who say “think about what you want and you will get it”.

What they miss is that the entire body must be involved in order for it to work.

Find your spiritual side, start listening to it and try to find peace. This will take you longer.

Some celebrities who use the law

If I’m just going to rattle off names I can mention,

Katy Perry – who uses vision boards,

Lady Gaga – who through mantra constantly reminds herself of what she aspires to,

Conor McGregor – who has taken the habit of feeling gratitude in everything he does and through this feels better,

Oprah Winfrey – which describes how to always aim for the highest goals, because what you believe in finally will be true.

These are some of the more famous who use the Law of Attraction. But I will talk a little more about those who have really deepened the Law of Attraction. It is from there that I have received my greatest inspiration, which I hope that you too will be able to take part in!

There are many who have created great success by the Law of Attraction and these should we, who want to learn more about the Law of Attraction, not underestimate. There are two reasons for this.

  • The first is that they really know how Law of Attraction works. mastermind with great leadersOtherwise, they never got to where they are today.
  • The second is that they rely on to do a good job to all those who follow their tracks, otherwise no one would like to continue with them. In order to create their success, they really need to help others for real.

By listening to these people it is easier to find out what we need.

For these people have dedicated their lives to really understand how to create a life of joy and inner well-being.

They have taken out the very best and created forums to share their knowledge with us who just want to feel better and create a better life.

Some charge for their services, while others do not. Personally, I do not mind paying to get help to feel better.

Of course, I cannot pay just about anything, but I’m definitely ready to buy books that give me more knowledge or take classes that allowed me to understand how things go together so that I can feel better and get a more fulfilled life.

prosperityI will describe how I have proceeded. My focus has been prosperous as I previously ran around in a world of much negativity.

Many focus on the money, and I can understand, of course, money is fun, but for me, it was important to create more happiness in life and more harmony.

We are all different and we all have different needs. That’s what’s the beauty of the law of attraction and spirituality – you can get your very own way without others affected.

Leaders who are really worth saying they know exactly how Law of Attraction works

I start directly with my top favorites.

Bob Proctor – has created a name for himself by teaching others to feel better, perform better and feel more happiness.

He has really done his homework and through this created a great community where he shares everything he can. Bob Proctor really knows about Law of Attraction and has with this built up a fantastic environment around him.

He talks a lot about how to visualize, meditate, create new and better habits and be grateful. For him, it took a full 9 years (!!) before he really understood how things worked.

He practiced a lot to understand how to create a better life. I think that’s very impressive. He really knows what he is talking about.

Ten years ago, Bob Proctor cooperate with a really lovely woman who also knows exactly what she’s talking about. She’s called –

Sandy Gallagher – and together they run the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Sandy Gallagher, who was first a student of Bob Proctor and took it all the way up to becoming CEO, along with Bob Proctor and get him to start a completely new concept – Proctor Galligher Institute. Talk about daring to go for great goals!

Rhonda Byrne – Author and Director, has written the book The Secret about the Law of Attraction.
(Here is a short cut if you like to find it:
The Secret, the book.
The Secret, The Movie)

She got her entire team to understand why it was so important to really see their clear goal in front of them and how important it was to feel this throughout the body.

She has said that without her entire team understanding this, the Secret would never have been a success.

Before she started, she didn’t know where she was going or how she could afford it. She only knew with certainty that she had to believe that it was possible inside every little cell and that everyone who worked with her would feel the same.

Lisa Nichols – She also an author, who made a huge change and was called “a rock star in behavioral change”.

She has written several books and one of the perhaps more suited to the Law of Attraction topic is No Matter What !: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love where she explains step by step how to achieve a better life.

favorite and love

I actually have more on this list, but this is my absolute favorite!

Here you can find it: No Matter What !: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love

What you can do to find the way

I have put together some basic puzzle pieces so that you can start your journey. These are the methods the leaders use. These four I will write about.

Visualization – Think about what your goals are in life. Try to see this in front of you. When you visualize your brain creates images and these images create your future. Many use vision boards, others write, and some meditate on their goals.

Meditation – by meditating, you get contact with your body. You’ll notice if you are honest with yourself or not. Sometimes we think that there is something we want, but when we really face ourselves, we realize that it is not at all what we were looking for.

By meditating daily, you may find that you are not living for your best self. Once you have found your best self, it will be easier to find a straight path towards your goal.

gratitudeShow gratitude – This is the most important component if you ask me, but not so easy. When I would start with this, I did not see anything positive in life, and then I could of course also not be grateful for anything.

If you are like me, start with small things. Slowly you will find more.

Why gratitude is so important: It really gives effect amazingly quick and research shows that it is a sustainable way to maintain happiness.

Test yourself for a week by, before bedtime, going through what you are really grateful for. Do the same thing every morning. Already after a week, you will notice the differences.

Those who use gratitude as part of the law of attraction mean that this is an incredibly important tool.

HabitsChange habits by breaking old routines. The reason we need to change habits is to get more positivity into our everyday lives. When the body gets used to these new habits, our subconscious mind changes more towards these new positive habits or patterns of thought.

New habits you can get yourself, for example, is to meditate every day, visualize your goals every day and write a list of gratitude every day. If you do all three, you have a good start for new habits.

What I have done and what I recommend

When I first heard about the law of attraction, I thought it was pure nonsense. Luckily, I changed my mind and found great joy by starting to read it.

First I read The Secret which made me understand a little better what it all is about. Once I read it, I thought I knew everything .. but… I didn’t…

So I searched for more information and found several people I follow today. Eric Ho and Pretty boss TV on YouTube are some I follow sometimes. However, I must say that my favorite is Bob Proctor.

For you notice that he has really done your job and knows exactly what he is talking about. So I joined his program 6 minutes of success. I still follow this and think that it is informative and educational.

For me, it is important to continue to develop and learn more. Every time I stop, I fall back into the negative swamp.

keep reading

What I also did was that I started going to a coach who works with the body through meditation and by feeling what is really true to me. This has given me a whole new understanding of why I act as I do.

If you have not tried to dive deep into yourself and who you are, I recommend this. Note: it’s not about talking, but about feeling. To talk and think logic will not help you here.

Believe me. I tested CBT, psycho-dynamic psychology and ordinary calls. They help to a certain level and are really worth testing if you haven’t done it before, but if you really want to understand yourself in depth you need to understand why you are doing and acting as you do by going inward.

If you do not meet your inner, it is incredibly difficult to use the law of attraction, because you will constantly go the same rivets because of your intrinsic patterns.


That many famous people use the Law of Attraction is a fact and that is why they have come so far. Many uses of the law and some have been more successful than others.

If you want to get the maximum out, you really need to meet yourself. meditate and meet youselfScary, I know, but you can do it.

To get help from those who really know their stuff is very good. They can lead you in the right direction and you will not end up on the wrong track.

If you want to start now take the help of meditation, visualization, gratitude, and try to change some habits.

I wish you luck!

5 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Success Stories – How To Start Out”

  1. Just commenting to share my own testimonial in regards to the law of attraction.

    10 years ago I had a horrific life-changing road accident, multiple injuries and near on a dozen operations to fully reconstruct my right leg and knee.

    It was said by consultants, experts, medic that “I would never” walk again. Impossible is the word that was used. Not for a second did I let that thought enter my mind. Not a millisecond. I wasn’t what you would call an expert in the law of attraction.

    I fully believed in. Fully. Only started reading that famed book by Rhonda Byrne about a week or so earlier.

    Left with nothing but blind faith and determination, and a recovery path that took 6 years…I walk…and walk….and walk….an walk sometime when out and about for 3,4, 5 hours at a time.

    As I lay there in that hospital full bedridden..not even able to go to the toilet…the law of attraction works.

    Thus I warn…make sure your thoughts, words, actions are all good one….because it does work…always…good and bad…have doubt..negative thought…they will happen. It is a “as you wish” kin dof thing.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for this story! It is amazing that you can walk again! And, yes, that is really true, we all have to be really carefull about what we think!

      1. Comment
        Derek Marshall , Such a great story , I’m so happy you made a full better than expected recovery !

        Ellen, thanks for sharing such great information! I think I’ll start meditating and always think on the bright side !

        1. Hi Shelly,
          Really nice to here you that you might start meditation. It is really a great way of feeling better! I wish you all the best!

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