Is Bob Proctor a Scam? READ THIS

Is Bob Proctor a Scam
First, this is My opinion. You don´t have to agree.

Is Bob Proctor a Scam? is bob proctor a scam?

I would say definitely — NO — but I know there are people who say he is.

He sure knows how to set the price tag and I guess this is where the problem starts.

I was searching for other opinions because I was curious. Some people LOVE him and some say he is the worst ever.

At one place I read a debate and in the article, it said something about how much money it cost and how bad that is. In the comment, there were several persons who stood up for Bob and one that really stood out. She or he wrote, “I paid 1500 dollar but I would gladly pay more, the value is much bigger”.

I have to say I agree. The value of his courses is HIGH with BIG LETTERS!

You might agree!

If you know what’s behind and you know how deep he actually is in his programs you might bob proctor scam

He is one of the persons who actually changed my life in a very good way. He made me start believing in all possibilities again and stop looking for the negative.

Not that I never feel negativity. I know everyone needs to accept all there feelings, but I stopped getting affected so much.

I know there are people also who went to his class and it didn’t achieve success as they wanted.

When I read this kind of things I don´t know where the actual problem is. Maybe it is easy to think the journey is going to be easy, but Bob Proctor never said it was going to be easy.

If you want to try Bob´s classes you can start by something small like the Paradigm Shift Seminar at live stream. It is not very expensive and you will still gain a lot!

Give 100% to make it!law of attraction

He talks a lot of the mind and the subconscious mind and he knows for sure what he is talking about!
Otherwise, he would not be in the position he is today.

There are many people who achieved success by only following these programs. BUT! You have to decide to go for what you want 100%.

Join, for example, he’s Paradigm Shift Seminar, for a weekend, Then you immediately see there are so many people in that room that actually benefit a lot from his program. This only is proof that his courses work.

There are some who don’t like him

Well … Bob Proctor is a person who does not feel ashame making a big price tag. He knows that people will pay and so he makes these big price tags.

When you see the prices and don’t know anything about his program, I understand that you think this he is a scam!

Also, you have to know that if you don´t do the work, you won´t get any results.

paradigm shift

What is the story of Bob Proctor´s success?

This could be really good to know before you even decide if he is a person to invest in or not.

Bob Proctor was born not very rich and one day he met a person who said follow my advice and you will get rich. Bob Proctor did exactly as he said and this changed his life totally.

But Bob wasn’t happy with just getting that change he wanted to know WHY he changed.

He started to study the mind and the subconscious mind for 8-9 years. This is what you will get to know during his classes!

What programs does he offer?

Bob Proctor has different kinds of programs and you can choose the one that fits you the best.

paradigm shift seminar

Paradigm Shift Seminar

This is a seminar that will shift your mind for one weekend.
Here Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher (his co-worker) deep dive into the mind. They give you lots of great information about your mind and your subconscious mind.
My rate: 9.5 of 10
When to do in my opinion?: This is a program you can start immediately.
My review at this course: Read here

results that stick

Six minutes of success

This program is a program where you get a video of 3 to 6 minutes every morning. It includes something to think about or to keep your mind focus on that specific day.
My rate: 8 of 10
When to do in my opinion?: This is a program you can start immediately.
My review at this course: Read here


Coaching program
He has a coaching program that I actually didn’t try but maybe I will in the future.

The coaching is a whole year. I was tempted to go at this coaching program but the mentor they gave me what’s not my cup of tea.

The mentor is important in my opinion. I could, of course, ask for some other mentor but I decided instead to go to Lisa Nichols coaching program.
My rate: Haven´t done it but I´m SURE it is great!
When to do in my opinion?: If you feel inspired to do it now – GO! If you are not sure, do the seminar shift first! There you will get more information that will help you to make a good decision!

These are the programs that I know about but I know there are many more. I just don´t want to write about programs that I don´t know anything about.


This is crazy – REAL CHANGE real change success

One thing that hit me was when I searched for Bob Proctor and realized not everyone had the same opinion as me. I was actually very surprised because for me he was a game-changer!

He changed the way I was looking at things and he helped me away from very destructive behavior.

I thought THIS IS CRAZY, he is one of my idols!

If you want REAL CHANGE then you have to pay for it.

The best teachers in the world will make a big price tag.

I rather pay much for something that is really good than to pay little or less for something that it’s not as good.
And if I don’t have the money I would rather wait until I saved enough.

Are Bob proctors courses for you?

You have to trust what you feel is right for YOU. Sorry, I know this was short, but this is the only true answer I can give you.

I always wanted other peoples opinions before but then one day I realized that I always know what is best for ME. The same is of course, for you. Only you can know the best way for YOU! <3

Short cutsyou got this

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