How to feel gratitude – These are the ways to overcome your limitations

How to feel gratitude can be so difficult. Believe me, I know. When I first encountered this with gratitude, I just felt great anxiety. I didn’t want to be grateful.

I could not see why I would be grateful. In the beginning, I almost refused and did not come at all to what I would be grateful for.

Fortunately, I soon realized that it was not that difficult. I managed to turn my spiral and I hope to help you on how to feel gratitude.

How to feel gratitudeFirst, here comes a description of what gratitude is and why it is so good. After that, I want you to understand that you are not alone to find it difficult. I’ll give you my best tips and how I did so that you can follow my tracks and get the same profit!

Gratitude and why it’s so good

In our brain, there is only room for one thing at a time. One thought, not two thoughts, one emotion, not two emotions. You can commute between emotions and thoughts but never know two exactly at the same time.

Our approach is based on what we think and we can completely control it ourselves. For me, this was the most difficult to understand. I can change my thoughts. I thought I had to go through the thoughts to come up with some kind of answer.

Once I accepted the idea that I needed to change my mind and that I could make it through gratitude changed my whole world.
It was not done in a day but it really gave effect.

The difficulty with gratitude

It is sometimes very difficult to be grateful.

Especially if you grew up with the belief that what you have is something that everyone has. For example, I went through a separation and we have a child together. For me, it was quite obvious that the man takes care of the child as much as I do.

He did, but still, I was annoyed at him. Why? Well, because I was not grateful for what he did. In my world, there was nothing to be grateful for. It was obvious that he would take care of our daughter as much as I do.

At first, I did not understand the meaning of this. Gradually, I began to how to feel gratitudeunderstand. If I can’t see everything I have, that I can be grateful for, then it’s difficult to appreciate anything.

Is there anything you can take for granted? That your ex-partner should take care of your children as much as you do.

No, not at all. I know many people who themselves are forced to take full responsibility because their ex-partner just leaving.
Nothing is obvious.

When I understood this, which took some time, I realized how extremely happy I should be because of everything around me and all the opportunities I have.

Before, I was often angry at everyone and everything because I thought it was a given that they would behave in a certain way, or that it was a given that they would say certain things, and then it became incredibly difficult to feel gratitude.

I think anyone who has negative feelings and thoughts in the head can relate to this. Actually, I did not understand then how negative I was, but it was only later that I realized what I went around with.

It turns around if you practice

Thoughts are so hard to see but you can practice this.

I went to a coach who gave me the first task that every night before bedtime say everything I was grateful for.

My interior refused. Why should I be grateful? Still, I felt that perhaps there was a reason why she gave me this task.

So I started slowly. I chose things that were tiny. It was very difficult to feel gratitude for things like “I have a roof over your head” or “I have clean drinking water.” For me, this was stuff that was actually quite obvious.

thankful forAfter a few days, it began to give way. I could slowly feel more and more gratitude to many things and unexpectedly, my mood actually became a little better.

The change was so great that I was surprised, so I decided to start to feel gratitude even in the morning.
This gave a huge boost in mood and suddenly I just walked around and was glad often. This was something completely new.

How to create a gratitude journal

At first, I just thought was I was grateful for.

Pretty soon I realized that it was easy to forget to actually be grateful if I did not write it down. So then I took out a notepad and started writing every morning.

I started every sentence with “I am thankful for …” or “today I feel grateful ….” Or simply “thank you …”

After a while, I found other blog pages on Google where people write that if you are grateful for things you want in life then these will also come easier to one.

One person who speaks a lot about this is Sandy Gallagher. I will most likely write about her courses one day because she is a huge inspirational force for me!thank you

She says that if you work towards new goals in life, it can instead be better to start with being thankful for what comes in the future, that is, the goal you have in your head. “I am grateful now that…”

Say I want to be a singer, for example, I write “I am grateful now that I have the honor to sing on my favorite scene and that there came a lot of 1000 people and listened.

The power of gratitude

As I write, gratitude can be difficult.

During periods I have sometimes lost the feeling of gratitude. Then I try to find new ways or new things to be grateful for.

Some days it may be okay to just find one thing to be thankful for. After all, it is not the list of gratitude itself that is the key, but the fact that one can only think of one thing at a time.

So if you just come up with one thing, try to keep it and you will feel your mood changing.graditude
Start with something small and you will feel that it will be easier.

If you want, write in a book so you really see what you are writing.

Remember that if you have a goal for the future, you can include this in your gratitude. It will help you feel the strength to go that route.

Thank you for reading! <3

Please comment if you have any other tips or ideas about gratitude!

2 thoughts on “How to feel gratitude – These are the ways to overcome your limitations”

  1. Hi Ellen
    Feeling gratitude is not easy. I am quite inspired by your post. I always look for a reason why something happens to me. And learning to feel gratitude and be content with what you have is never easy.
    But it’s just like you said, it can uplift you and change you completely. It’s an exercise that I would love to master in my life.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Nadia!
      Thank you for reaching out! Try to think of just one thing that you are greatfull for and you will feel a big difference πŸ™‚ You donΒ΄t have to write long lists to get the shift in you vibations. Just one thing can reallt make the difference! Wish you good luck! /Ellen

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