How Powerful is the Subconscious mind? Find Out HERE!

Think of a time when you would change just a little routine in your daily life.

Did you stop going back to old patterns?

Although there was something very small that really should be easy to change.

how powerfull is the mind

How Powerful is the Subconscious Mind? 

Incredibly strong! It owns 95% of your mind and almost exclusively guiding you in your decision!

First, what is the subconscious mind and what is your mind? I have written an entire article about it but here is a brief review.

The mind is not your brain, as many think. In your mind, you have imagination, memory, intuition, consciousness, perception, thoughts, language, judgment.

It’s all the impressions you bring in, both through what people tell you, tastes you get to know, what you can see, how different materials feel and more.

All these pieces of information go into your conscious mind. When the information is processed sufficiently many times, it instead becomes part of your subconscious mind.

Everything you do on routine, all your habits, how your thought patterns go, all this is governed by your subconscious.

What is the Power of the Subconscious Mind?

low self esteemWhen you hear something enough times, this becomes your truth. So all you think about yourself is really just something that exists in your subconscious.

Ex. Low self-esteem:

You have constantly pointed out to yourself that you do not manage your task and that you are not good enough.

In order to prove to yourself that you are right, you put yourself in similar situations with the utmost awareness and continue in the same track as before. Which makes you keep your bad self-esteem.

If you realize this, you can make a change but it is not always easy. Once you have decided to get better self-esteem, your subconscious mind will fight against it. It is, after all, a game at 95% to 5%.

What you need to do is either:

“Fool Yourself” or “Get Help From Others”.

 Fool Yourselfauto-suggestion

An example of this is to set up evidence about yourself that shows you have good self-confidence.

You can fill your entire apartment with nice little notes telling you how good you are.

When you see these fine words about yourself enough times, it will become your new truth.
This is called: Auto-suggestion

Get Help from Others

Another way to go is to get help from others, which I have done several times.

I have tested auto-suggestion a lot of times but it always ends up by me thinking “I am ready”, taking down the notes, and I slowly go back to previous patterns.

So, in the end, I realized that I need more help than that. Do you have any experience of this? Please comment below!

get helpAmong other things, I went to a coach who really forced me to meet myself.

Often I just wanted to leave, but at the same time said a small voice in me that I have to stay, otherwise I will never pass this and could not improve my self.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Dare to meet me!

I have also participated in several programs that I will certainly write about on different occasions with very knowledgeable people who are very good at inspiring.

The favorites that I listen to daily and have attended courses or courses to feel better and to learn more about the inner life about are Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols and now in recent times, Wayne W. Dyer has become a big favorite.

Are you inspired by someone you daily follow? Please write a comment if you have good tips or thoughts on some of the ones I have mentioned here.

You Subconscious Mins is Your Everyday Life

Everything you do in a day depends on your subconscious mind.

You cannot “hear” your subconscious mind, but in spite of this, you are guided by it.

My favorites Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher talks a lot about this and have even created a course that is about the paradigm shift. (Which by the way is awesome !! And I really recommend everyone to go!)

The Paradigm shift means to change the subconscious so you get more opportunities.

Bob and Sandy say you learn a lot of things when you are a baby and a small child. Everything you learn will go directly into your subconscious.

You can only receive and learn. You are then too small to be able to deliberately think about the opposite or to argue.

You just receive and what you receive becomes your truth.

Therefore, you will most likely be very similar to your parents, or those who brought you up, in most parts of your everyday life.

paradigm shift

Tips for change

Just by reading this text you have learned something that can really change you.

I’ll give you some tools. Choose the one that suits you.

Auto-Suggestion – Automatic thoughts to you.

1. Pick a stone and put in your pocket. Each time you touch the stone, think actively of positive thoughts. Gradually, a positive thought comes as soon as you touch the stone without having to think it actively

2. Write notes to yourself and set up all over your apartment. Make sure you can’t go anywhere without seeing a note.

visualizationVisualization – If you want to change behavior, daily visualize the life you want instead.

1. Find some kind of meditation guide that gives you peace. After the meditation, see your self doing of you what you desire in life. Try to make it as clear as possible. Repeat every day until you see a change.

2. Find some kind of meditation guide that gives you peace. Then find paper and pen and write down your entire dream with just positive words. Dream freely and big. Repeat every day until you see a change.

Hypnosis – There are many good hypnosis guides online and I have found a list here on Amazon for you where you choose the one that suits you best.

Hypnosis goes directly to your subconscious mind without you have to do anything. And that can really make a big change.

1. List of good Hypnos CDs: Here!

What do you think?

Hope this has helped you to understand that it’s not you that’s wrong. It’s just extremely difficult to win over 95%.

You can do whatever you want and you can change everything you want. You just need some help sometimes. We all do!

What do you think of this blog post? Feel free to comment and ask questions, and I’ll come back as soon as I can!

See ya!

4 thoughts on “How Powerful is the Subconscious mind? Find Out HERE!”

  1. I have to agree that society can put a lot of burdens and shape us as they see it. If you are not a strong individual, you have almost no chance not to fall under the influence. It happens so many time in junior school. It does take a lot of time and effort to get out of that state where they put you.

    I love the little notes suggestion. I will definitely use this as there is always a field I need to get better at.

    And the power of friend who will help you is unmeasurable. Truly, if you have friends who can help you there, it is a great boost.

    1. Hi, thank you for reaching out! yes, the subconscious mind is really strong. I agree, the notes is a really good exercise. I tried them my self and it really works! after some days (sometimes weeks) there is a change and you start to see things differently. Also, there is one more that I didn´t write but that I use more nowadays and that is to talk to your self in the mirror and say all the things you like about your self. I might seem selfish but it helps the self-esteem a lot!

  2. Hi Ellen

    Great article!
    To think that we’re on “Auto pilot” so to speak for 95% of our day-to-day life is a bit scary when you think about it isn’t it?
    I started my spiritual journey about 4 years ago and my life has undergone a MASSIVE transformation and a lot of that came with being more “present” and gratefulness (not taking anything for granted).
    I find your website very inspiring with lots of practical guides and tips and I can’t wait for your next blog.
    Thank you!

    PS- In regard to your above section “Get Help from Others”, I find Tony Robbins very inspirational and I believe he has become more spiritually aligned and in tune with teachings such as the “Law of attraction” over recent years

    1. Thank you, Paul
      I totally understand your transformation! I did it too and it is really game-changing, right?!
      Thank you very much for all your nice words and thank you for this new tip. I actually haven’t read or watch anything from him so this is something I will do!

      Did you read or see something from Lisa Nichols? She is also a very big idol for me and inspires me to not only be spiritual but also to grow in all areas in life.

      Wish you all the best!

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