How is Meditation Good for You? – 11 Reason to Practice Meditation!

How is meditation good for you?

When I started meditation I didn’t realize the huge effect it would have and how meditation could help me.

If you are new to meditation it might surprise you how much meditation can actually help you. Maybe not at once, but after awhile you will realize why this is such a huge practice all over the world.

how is meditation good for you

Here are 11 different ways of How meditation is good for you:

1. Focus

how is meditation good for you

Do you sometimes find it difficult to find focus on what you need to do?

Then you should try meditation. It will teach you how to gain focus and who to see the thoughts wander by without getting affected by them.

First, this can be really difficult but by the time you will learn and your focus will increase.


2. Better sleep

how is meditation good for you

Many people who meditate say they sleep much better.

For me, it was the same.

I had sleeping problems for many years but when I started to do meditation suddenly they just disappeared.  I don’t know what kind of meditation, because I tried different kinds, but something changed and I could finally sleep.

My favorite it to meditate right before bed. This way there is time to release all thought and close the day before sleeping.

3. Less stress

how is meditation good for you

Mostly in life, we have so many things that are happening and we don’t take the time for breaks. Our brain is working all the time.

When you take just a few minutes to meditate you break this pattern and the whole body system get the chance to pause. This is enough many times to reduce a lot of stress.

4. Less anxiety

This one I heard from so many people and I can only agree.

It can be like magic when you realize that everything in your mind is “just” thoughts”.  You don’t need to be affected by everything in you head anymore.

I know this of course takes time, but I believe that the improvement can be faster than you know sometimes.

5. Lower Blood pressure

how is meditation good for youWhen you breathe slowly and reduce the stress, of course, this will change your body.

There are actually a lot of studies showing body effects from meditation.

As we all know high blood pressure is not good, so if something this easy can help you to lower it, why should you not do it?!

6. Less pain

Okay, so I’m not saying that the pain is going to disappear. I’m just saying that the focus you can be changed.

When you breathe through your pain and accept it you will feel less pain. Sometimes this will be easier said than done and sometimes it will really help you.

By focusing on something else we actually fool ourself and our brain. But why not do that when you are in pain?

7. More energy

Energy energy energy!!

Yes, you can get much energy from meditating! First, you might feel like you fall asleep, like I often did, but after a while, you will learn how to stay awake.

Meditation during the daytime is like a power nap but you are still awake. And when the meditation is over you gain the same energy as if it was a power nap. How cool isn´t that?!!

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how is meditation good for you8. Happier

Happiness is maybe a big word but your mood has a big chance to increase!

And we should not be surprised by this.  if you gain more focus, get more energy less pain and lower blood pressure, of course, you get happier.

When your body and mind feel better this will affect your mood.

And yes I know, some days this will not happen but overall meditation can be the difference between you being happy or unhappy.

9. Connection to self and others

When you meditate you will feel that you get to know your inner self better. Meditation helps the brain to sort things up and you will have more quietness in your head. This gives you access to the “real” you. Suddenly new thought or quieter thought get space to be heard. All that is you, get a chance to be heard.

When you get a better connection to yourself, this will likely increase your connection to others. Why? because you will be more true to yourself and then also to people around you, this makes your relationships better.

10. Kindness

How is Meditation Good for You?

Kindness and gratitude are often parts of meditation.

I feel that by meditating I have become much more open-minded to other peoples thoughts.  Before I was sometimes judging and could also talk to very ill about other people.

Now I realized, through meditation, that this will not help me.

Actually, it will destroy me.

A lot of positive things happens when we practice love, gratitude, and kindness.

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11. Increase your sense of purpose

When you meditate things sometimes just become clear.  You don’t even know why, it’s just a sense or feeling, that this is the direction you should go.



Did you have any of these AHA-moments?

Tell me your story in the comments below!




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