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Someone ones told me that “Religion needs spirituality but Spirituality does not need the religion”.

This is really true and I will tell you why further down so keep reading!

What is religion?

The biggest religions we have is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. There are many more but this is the biggest and they are all over the world.

Religion is a collective belief based on beliefs, for example, on gods, spirits or other supernatural phenomena.

Within most of the religions, you will find symbols, myths, rites, and traditions. This is to know where you belong and to create a feeling of connection.

Often it is about one or more person/s who did something extraordinary and people decided to follow that person’s footstep. That person was/is very spiritual.

What is spirituality?

Spirituality can be a tricky word!

If you Google search at this, you will get A LOT of ideas what it is. Therefore I realized I can only write my opinion. If you don´t agree this is okay. You can comment below but remember I write to help you guys, not to offend someone so please try to be nice 😉

spiritualI have two answers and I like both of them. Actually, I have three answers. The last one is a mix-up and the one that feels better in my heart.

When someone asks me about this I think I answer different depending on who is asking. You can do this too if you don´t want to start out a big conversion. Sometimes it is just easier to answer what the other person wants to hear.

And if you want to to do the opposite you can have some really interesting conversations. Maybe you actually get a new idea!

Here are the three different explanations:

New age way to explain this – There is a divine part in us which helps us to see clearly. It also makes us feel better and just helps us be one with nature. We are a part of the universe.

Science way to explain this– It is quantum physics! Everything is just electrons and it acts in one way when you observe it, and in an other way if you don´t. Your emotions are, like everything else, a part of a big quantum physic field. I wrote a post about is if you want to understand better. (Here it is)

My way to explain spirituality- For me, spirituality is to “feel” your body, to release all your thought and to “just be”. It is also to just better as a person for your inner self and to get more things out of life, love more etc. For me, it is a lot about the laws that surrender us, for example, the 7 universal laws and the Law of attraction.

What is your version? Please comment below! 🙂

Spirituality vs ReligionWhat is best for you?

So what did we find out so far?

Religion use symbols, traditions, among others and ofter follow one or more person/s and try to relate to this. It is a group of persons who do the same things and have a very clear picture of what to believe.

Spirituality is different depending on how you ask. In religions, people use spiritually. Spirit can be explained by the quantum physics professors and is, therefore, something you can treat as science. All the great professors who study this agree.

You can choose if you want spirituality can be a God, or the universe or just something you can not explain.

Trough the spirit you can get whatever you want!

law of attraction

Yes, this is true! There is a lot of proof for this and if you read about the Law of attraction it is really mind-blowing to understand how much we have within us! Many of the greatest leaders at our planet use the law of attraction.

If you are new to this and don´t understand what I’m talking to, please read this.

Spirituality is needed in all of the religions because of these facts:

There have been persons for thousands of years who knew that there was a “magic” force called Law of attraction.

A lot of persons wanted to make use of this and created them self to leaders. This made really no good. Other times it was the opposite way around. One person understood this and did a lot of great things. Someone else saw this and wanted to have that person as a leader.

This is often the case for religions. Good, great leaders who were really spiritual and that knew how to help other persons.

What is best for You? Should you choose a religion or not?

Religion?religion If you like to have traditions and feel like you want to belong to a group, religion can really be your thing! Also, one thing that I like a lot about religion is that it is often parts of the ceremonies that force you to be quiet for a while. It can be prayers or it can be meditations or a devotion.

If the religion “make ” you do this every day I would say that is really good for your health! Everyone needs a break now and then. A total break with NO thoughts.

Spirituality? If you, on the other hand, don´t want to be a part a special group who believes is things you don´t believe it is better for you to create your own group and just start to find the spirit inside you.

This is also really good if you just feel like you want more magic in your life. You don´t even have to tell someone about your spiritual part and you can still enjoy everything there is to enjoy!

What did I pick?good

I was brought up in a family where there is no such thing as spirituality. It was very late for me that I realized that without any spiritual part in my life I would be sick, I would feel sad, I would not treat me as the best me.

So I do a lot of things to keep my health good and I do it with no religion but a lot a meditation and other spiritual things that help me.

Please, Tell me about you! 🙂

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