Healing Your Mental-Self Through Singing! – This is real magic!

Healing Your Mental-Self Through Singing!Healing through sinigng

Singing is like magic!

It connects people and it makes you feel like you are whole.

What you might not know is that I, Ellen who write this post, actually is a choir- and singing teacher and also a singer.

I like to tell you something about singing and choir that maybe will surprise you. And who knows, you might even end up singing in a choir!

I also like to tell you that ALL kind of singing is healing! Not only the special “chakra songs” or other “special kinds of songs” that some people claim to be great for healing. What you like to sing, will heal you!! No matter if this is a “special-healing-song” or not!

Healing through sinigng

Singing and healing –  How?

Our body is, as you might know, vibrations.

I guess you felt this sometimes when you start listening to music. Maybe you were sad and suddenly, out of no reason than music playing, you get happier. recognize your-self?

If only listening to music can do this, what happens when you start singing yourself?

The answer?

A lot!

There are many reasons why you should sing and especially why should sing in a choir.

You see, choir connects people at a deeper level.

Here are just some of the things scientist has shown happens when you sing in a choir:

  • your blood pressure goes down
  • your immune system works better
  • oxytocin will be released which is a hormone that makes you calm and happy
  • dopamine will be released which would make you feel stronger and happier
  • Hippocampus will grow and this would make your memory better
  • people who sing together get the same heartbeat
  • people who sing together get a feeling of deeper connection
  • it reduces stress
  • it reduces anxiety

Skip your happy pills!

Healing through sinigng


It’s shown that when you sing in it can have the same amount of changing your body as it would have if you take medicine!!

How cool isn’t that!!?

Well… of course this is not for all kind of medicine. I am talking about medicine for your mental health.

If you have depression or something similar and you need to take a so-called “happy pill” it can actually be much better to go and sing and especially in a choir.

You get new friends, you get all the benefits I wrote above AND no side-effects.

How about other diseases?

Singing will not cure cancer, but it sure can make the process less unpleasant.

Since singing affects the body very much, there is no reason why it will not help you at least take a step in the right direction.

(before taking any of my advice, be sure you consult with your medical doctor.)

Why Choir?Healing through sinigng

Here you don’t really care about if you have the same age if you have the same belief system if you have the same kind of way to talk, or whatever. You can just be you! When you sing in a choir, singing is the only thing that it’s important at that moment.

As a singing- and choir teacher I have seen this many times.

People who usually would not talk to each-other suddenly do.

Choir connects people and it is huge!

The feeling you get and the connection you get when you sing in a choir can be amazing!

Time floats away and happiness just seems to occur in your body.

When I teach I can see something this transformation after only some minutes. Often people enter the class with stress, frustration, and tiredness. When the choir-hour is over everyone leaves with peacefulness, energy, and happiness.

To be able to see and follow this from the first row is a great blessing!

I think we are meant to sing!

Healing through sinigng

What do you think?

Do you sing? Tell me more in the comment field!


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