Eat, Pray, Love, Book Reviews- This book CHANGED MY LIFE and others

The book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert really changed my life! For the first time ever I actually understand what meditation really is about and it seems like I´m not the only one.

When I searched for reviews to see if more people agree with me I was stunned! Elisabeth Gilbert nearly always get 5 out of 5!

The Book: Eat, pray, Love!

I really recommend the book! I know there is a movie too, but I really think you should read the book.

Okay, so you prefer movies?

Well then, try the movie. But if you really want to get that special feeling that I got, the book is your answer!

Price: $10.22
The cheapest place to buy: Amazon
My Rating: 10 out of 10!! This was easy, what do you think? Please comment below!

Others rating overall at Amazon:
eat pray love book reviews

Overview – Story

Elisabeth Gilbert writes about her own journey when she just gets enough and gets out in the world. From outside she seems to have it all, a husband, a great job and a wonderful home.

How did she feel inside?

Not so well…

Elisabeth Gilbert decides to take one year off, to find her inner self and peace of mind.

She travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia. All countries that start with an I.

Elisabeth Gilbert invites you to follow all her thoughts and all her progress.

I could really feel like it was me doing all of this. I remember very clearly that I just couldn’t put this book down. It really took my breath.

This was really the first time I understand spirituality and the importance of taking care of my self.

What Others Think

I just want to show you that this really is a book that changed many peoples lives. See all these reviews:

…But some did not agree…

I just have to share this to you too. If you read some reviews at Amazon, among other places, there are people who don´t like this book. And you know why?

They didn’t read the whole book.

In the beginning, Elisabeth Gilbert seems a bit selfish and maybe even a bit like a snob. You don´t really get why this is in the beginning. You have to keep reading. And if you do you will probably also say this is one of the greatest books ever written!

The thing is, she shows you ALL her transformation. All of it!

Have you ever made any transformations in your life? Then I guess you know that before you actually meet your inner self and take responsibility for your own life, you maybe were a bit selfish? Agree?

If I look at my own patterns I would absolutely say I have been (and still are sometimes) selfish. Just watching the situation from my perspective and then blame someone else.

Elisabeth Gilbert will show you her whole truth. She will literally bring you on the whole journey not hiding anything.

Is this book for you?

Do you have any kind of struggle in your life? Love problems? Not feeling peace in your mind?

Well, then I guess you would like this book.

For me, it was the start of a new path in life.

It was really game-changing.

If you like to read more or buy it, click here: Eat, Pray, Love

Please comment on your opinion or if you have questions!

Wish you all the best! <3

2 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Love, Book Reviews- This book CHANGED MY LIFE and others”

  1. One of the reasons why people have difficulty in a life of sustained happiness is the missing ingredient of spirituality. We do so many active things with our bodies and neglect to do the same with our minds. 

    Eat, Pray, Love, is a captivating title for a book on spirituality. I am so glad that reading it has been very beneficial to you. I hope more people get to read it. I am very tempted to add that to my library. Thanks for sharing! 

    1. Hi Edwin,

      Yes, this is very true! Spiritually gives you something more. something deeper!

      If you are tempted to read it, DO IT! you won´t regret it!

      Here is a direct link: Eat, Pray, Love

      When you read Elisabeth Gillberrs story you just can´t put the book down. She is a true story-teller!

      Thank you very much for commenting. I hope to see you around!


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