Does Money Make People Happy? – Find out For Your Self!

Does money make people happy?does money makes us happy

The answer is both Yes and No.

It depends on how you spend it.

Many people feel bad if that say that want to make much money but on the inside, they struggle and need more money. Do you recognize yourself?

Religions overall can sometimes give you the belief that you are a bad person if you have a lot of money.

This is not true!

You can do a much more good thing with money than without it.

Read this thought and you will get my point.

Money and spirituality, can it connect?does money makes us happy

In the spiritual world, kindness and giving is something that is appreciated.

-Some people think you can use their money for something good.

But some think you can not be kind and at the same time earning a lot of money.

-People who have a lot of money often seems to be the ones that help the world most.

But also some of them seems to ruin the world most.

-Rich people seem to be happy.

But some seems very unhappy.

I think like this:
If you have a lot of money you can help many people and also the planet, this will make you happier. Giving away is one of the best ways to give your self-happiness.
Many of the wealthiest people on earth give away much of their money and often invest in good projects that help the world. But of course there are people who have a lot of money and that makes bad things too.

You have to see that it is not about the money, it is about the person behind.

If you like to be kind and do good  (as I think you want since you are reading this) and also want to earn money this blog-post hoppfully can helpfull. What if I claim that money can actually help you become a better person.

Studies around money and happinessdoes money makes us happy

Studies have been done around money and happiness and there is only ONE way you can get happiness by money.

The way is: to give it away.

To clear this up, you don´t have to give your money back in forms of money. Keep reading 😉

There were two groups, one that needed to buy something for someone else and one that needed to spend something to themself.

They found out this:

  • How big or how small and the amount was doesn’t matter.
  • Where or to Who you give away your money doesn´t matter.

In studies, the scientist wanted to know if it matters how much money they needed to spend to get happiness. Different persons got different amounts to spend. They found out that it doesn’t matter if you gave $1 or $10,000.

They also wanted to know if it matters what thing they gave or to who. I was shown that a small thing, like a cup of coffee and a big thing like helping someone to pay their loan, had the EXACT same effect. Both groups got the same happiness.

So what happened to those who gave to themselves?

It seems to happen nothing.

The mood was neither better or worse.

does money makes us happy

So when does money make you unhappy?

People who win in the lottery or get a lot of money often ends up very unhappy.

When the studies have been made around people who won a lot of money they found out this:

  • they start spending much and end up in debt
  • they usually spend it on them self, which made them alone in the long term.
  • people around them talk mostly about their money and their win, which made it difficult to live a normal life. Many times they decided to be alone to don´t have to talk about their money.

How can you have money, without getting broken down, and still get happiness?

does money makes us happy

There are plenty of ways to use the money in good and healthy ways. Most important is to make a budget and to spend the money on things that make you more involved with others.

You can think of what things actually makes you feel better in the long term? Is it really that car, or would it be better to spend it on your friends or in a project that doing something well?

When, or if, you get more money, think longterm, not short term.

Helping people make you happier, so if you can combine meeting people and helping people it would be perfect.

Here is a list of what you can do with the money that makes you happy:
(make sure to still have money to pay your rent, food and other necessary stuff before any of these).

  • buy a coffee for a friend
  • make a party for your relatives
  • buy that animal you always wanted
  • take your best friend on a trip
  • give money to charity and then visit the organization to see the work they do
  • by food to the man or woman begging for help outside the grocery store
  • invest in a company that helps the world
  • start a company that makes great things
  • start meeting up a personal trainer and workout
  • start to study something you always liked to learn
  • become a member of a group you like and be the investor if money is needed
  • give money to people who help animals

does money makes us happy

See what I did there?! 

Always make sure you are engaged, have people around you and do something for someone else or for your body.

Also when you have a lot of money you don´t have to struggle and can be that friend that has “more” hours. You now have the time to be present during your meals, when you meet friends when you work and you don´t have to stress.

With no stress, you can make good decisions that will help you and others even more!

How does self-develop leaders and coaches who have a lot of money do?

Big leaders who want to inspire us, use the word money in different ways.

Some leaders talk a lot about money because they know this is what many people think they want.

Some talk more about the whole life and tell you that money is just a tool.

Mostly known leaders earn very much money and many times they say this is the reason they have the possibility to help other people to develop.

These two self-development leaders are my big idols and teached me so much great things!

They talk very differently from each other but still, they have the same message.

Bob Proctor and Lisa Nicholsdoes money makes us happy

Bob Proctor – talks a lot of making money. He knows that this is something many people dream of and he uses it to sell his own courses.

Is this the only thing Bob teaches and does he only want to have money?

Certainly not. He loves money, but he loves his life even more, and if you go to his classes you find out that he talks much more about goals and your vision of life.
He knows that money is just one part of life that can help you in other areas of the life of achieving your goal.


Lisa Nichols – Don´t talk much about money. Lisa talk mostly about overcoming struggles and to be nice to yourself.

does money makes us happyDoes she teach anything about money?

Yes absolutely, but she is clear on one point. It should only be used as a tool. The money in itself can not make you happy. It is in relationships with others that make you happy. In her book “No matter what” you will get a deep understanding of how to live your life happy and rich at the same time!

Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols have in common:

-Both have plenty of money and are also great spiritual teachers.

-Both claim that spirituality is a big part of getting more money and also to do more good in the world.

-Both are helping thousands of people.

After listening to a lot to Lisa and Bob a lot I found out that they use this same phrase:
“Money is not the root of evil, poverty is”. 

With money, you get the time to take care of your self, meeting friends, being more healthy, get fewer diseases and can help others.

How I do

does money makes us happy

First of all, I don´t have much money… but the money I have, I spend well and on things that matter.

A budget is important to stay in track and don´t get ruin by my self.
It doesn’t have to be for each penny but an overall budget.

When I spend money I always ask the question:
“Do I really want or need this?”. Many times the answer is “No”.

Sometimes I give away my money to people who need help. Like people living in the street, but mostly I don´t. Not that I don´t want to help them, just that I am not sure giving money in the way really will help them. I think the system needs to change. When I have more money I will instead give money to a community that can make better help.

does money makes us happy

This is where I spend money if I have more then needed for rent, food, and other necessities:

  • buying food or cooking for my friends and family.
  • If I can I make my days easier by buying things that will help me in my everyday life I will. In this way, I can meet friends and family more often.
  • better globe, a community that I love that helps people in Kenia (Africa) to create works and plant trees.
  • investing in online programs or books that help me get a better person and self-develop.

I am a very social person and I actually get sick if I don´t get to meet other people often. Therefore I make sure to spend the money so that I can be more social. And when I and my friends meet we get happier and we spread more happiness. I think this is big and I encourage you to try focusing on meeting people or self-development rather than material things if you have the possibility.

How do you like to spend money to make a better world? Please comment below!does money makes us happy

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