A Special Law of Attraction Guide for Newbies

First – My favorite Law of Attraction Quote: We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. J. K Rowling

The Law of Attraction is much discussed, and both praised and dissed. I’ll explain the basics to you and why it does not always work the way you want. I will also write about my experiences and where I have got the best help.

you can become how you want

How does the Law of Attraction work?

The first time I read about the Law of Attraction, I read “like attracts like” and “the universe receives your desires just asking for them.”

For me, this became so fuzzy (coming from a completely non-spiritual environment) that I immediately ignored the law of attraction for a while.

Yet, it was like I could not let go… My hand as well as just crept up on the computer and I began to search again for what that law really was.

For you, I’ll try to explain with a little more clarity. But I ask you to keep an open mind. If this the first time you experience the law of attraction, the risk is still high that you do not understand.

Give yourself time and understand that it is not as simple as many people try to describe it.

However, have in mind that several of the world’s most successful, happiest and wealthiest people use the Law of Attraction. I will mention some of these that I think is good and worthwhile to follow at the end of this blog post.

The law of attraction says:

  • Like attracts like

Simply put, one can say that when you are vibrant positive you will pull it to the more positive and also the opposite. But to understand this a little better, I would take you more at the quantum physic level.

We begin – People are just like everything else made up of atoms. If you split an atom one of several times you come down to Quantum physics. Those who research in quantum physics says that the particles move in patterns like vibration do when we don’t observe it, and as matter when we observe it

Why is this important?

Well, The whole time we vibrate because we are made of these particles. Whatever we think, feel or do these particles moving in the form of vibrations. We see our body as matter, but if you look close, it is just a bunch of atoms next to each other.

Even everything outside of us, so that the air and all you can see is just atoms with electrons that are constantly in motion. We are connected with everything through these particles.

This means that if you have one kind of emotion (read vibration) you will get one outcome. If you change the emotion (read vibration) this will change.

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like.

So when you think something, you will draw to you similar thoughts but also matter and even circumstances that are in harmony with your body’s vibrations. EVERYTHING is made of particles, everything is connected.

Consider this. How often do the same things happen to you? Same pattern? The same habits?… It’s not a coincidence, it’s the Law of attraction.

Changing your attitude will also change things around you.

Test to prove this for yourself.
1. Think of someone that you have contact to but not very often.
2. Write an SMS or email or similar but do not send it away.
3. Within a short period, this person will appear in some way. It can be just as a name but it can also be purely physical or an SMS.

You can use the Law of Attraction when it comes to just about everything in life and you create exactly what you want if you know how to do and are willing to put into the job that is required.

What I see a problem with the law of attraction is that it makes people just want things and money. It is so easy to think this will give you happiness.

I know you can use the law of attraction and get happiness and I´m happy to help you find your way.

Why does the law of attraction not always work as you wish?

Often when you read about the law of attraction, it says:
Think about what you want and you should get it. But it does not work that way !! To get what you want through the Law of Attraction is not as simple as many people think.

Law of Attraction works through your subconscious and not just by your thoughts. Your whole body must vibrate in the right emotion for you to get your share. Many times you have subconscious thoughts and feelings about who you are, what you are entitled to, how you should behave, habits, etc.

So when you think that example, to attract the right love or more money, it is often so your body does not actually believe in this. It does not mean that it is impossible, just that your body does not think it’s possible.

You can get exactly what you want but you need to get your whole body to vibrate exactly right without any doubts.

This is difficult, I know, but it works. If you listen to good leaders who know their thing, you can get there. I’ll mention some of these soon.

And there are also many other things to understand before you can attract anything. Read about the seven laws of the universe and you will get a deeper understanding.

Tips and ideas and why it is incredibly important with guidance

When you start using the law of attraction (which you really do all the time, just that you don’t know that you do it) I advise you to the following.

  • Find good leaders who know what they are talking about and have done the transformation themselves. My first choice: Bob Proctor
  • Read from people who are honest about how much they know.
  • Learn to meditate and make this a habit. When you meditate, you can much more easily find your subconscious and then understand what is behind your current behavior. You can also very clearly see and feel what you want. The brain can complicate it with any thoughts. Meditation is excellent medicine. Read my post here about how to start if you are new.meditate and read
  • Read books and deepen your knowledge of the law of attraction so that you can understand how it works. The Secret is for sure the best book in this area. There is also a movie if you prefer this.
  • Create habits that break your behavior. For example, make sure you each day begins in the right mood for the fact that changing your whole attitude to the day. For example, you can start to write gratitude lists. It has been shown that the mood increases by as much as 25% if you are actively grateful every day. I wrote a post about this as well, read here.

My thoughts and what I recommend

When I started my journey in this spiritual world, I was amazed at how many people talked about the Law of Attraction but did not seem to be able to make use of it properly.

So I was very careful to seek those who knew what they were talking about.

I know that it is really hard. For me, it does not always work I won’t lie to you and say it does. But now at least I know why it does not work and what I need to change to make it work. I need to get help from others.


Bob Proctor is one of my favorites. He is incredibly clear and has shown that he knows what he is talking about. My favorite course is “6 minutes to success”, which is a course where you get one video every morning. This makes the day starts with new knowledge and new energy.

In my opinion, you should not pick any leader. You should pick someone good! Here is why I think it is very important with great leaders:

  • You will so many time go back to your old habits. A great leader knows when this happens and how the mind works.
  • It is really difficult to change and you have to change to be able to make a difference in your life. A good leader knows how to make changes and can help you.
  • How you act today and how you think today is what you will get tomorrow. If you have someone from the outside, they can help you see this, or they know what to tell you to make you change ways of acting.


If you do not know the law of attraction at all, I would recommend reading the Secret of Rhonda Byrne. This is a classic that anyone who wants to know about the law of attraction should read.

However, I want to warn and say that it is very simplified in this book and that you should read it only to understand the law of attraction and to get inspiration.

For deeper understanding read about the seven laws of the universe or the subconscious mind.


meditateMeditate is something I also want to recommend. It is very helpful to find your inner peace by meditation.

A Sum Up

The Law of Attraction can give you so much if you just want.

Make sure you understand it before you try it.

Take advantage of the leaders who know what they’re talking about. A good start is Bob Proctor’s program 6 minutes of success.

Read The Secret if you haven’t done it yet. Be sure to learn to sit still and think of nothing to find more peace in life.

Many people are very skeptical about the law of attraction and this can be due to many different things. Choose what you believe in and follow it and you will be in the right place in your life.

Believe in Youself

Namaste and Love!

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