7 Ways to Heal Your Inner Child

7 ways to heal your inner child

7 different ways to heal your inner child

The inner child is not a child living inside of you. The Inner child is what you ever experienced when you were a child that you care with you in both body and mind. This is just a way to describe it, because many times we feel just like that child. Meet your Inner child and you can heal yourself.  When we meet that inner child, new things start to happen our mind and body. This is very healing and can give you changes that you never thought was possible.

You can meet your inner child in various ways and to get deep you need to work with both your body and your mind.

If you don´t know what your inner child is you can read here. What is your inner child?

Here are 7 different ways to heal your inner child and I will dig deeper into all of these further down:

  1.  yoga
  2. meditation
  3. hypnosis
  4. self-development courses
  5. writing a letter
  6. gratitude practice
  7. coach where you live


7 different ways to heal your inner child

Yoga is a great way to come closer to your inner child.

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When you breathe through your body in yoga you actually are much more likely to meet feelings or emotions. Sometimes it will pop up thoughts or feelings from your childhood. This is your inner child. Try to meet yourself in this situation and not run away from it.

If you need to cry, do it.

If you need to scream, do it.

If you need to just talk or write, do it.

Just be aware that you meet yourself with respect, compassion, and love.

Chakra breathings are also very helpful when it comes to connecting to your inside. Emotions are stuck in your mind and your mind will follow you wherever you go in life. Only when you really look at the emotions they can start healing.

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7 different ways to heal your inner child

Meditation is wonderful.

Not only can it heal your inner child. It can also a great tool to find peace in life. Meditation clears your mind and things become clearer. There are plenty of meditations and it’s not always very easy to know which one is the best. I suggest you try some different and feel for your self with is the best.

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When you Meditate you get clarification. This and makes it so much easier to see what’s your next step should be and sometimes is even solve the trauma directly.


7 different ways to heal your inner child

I love Hypnosis.

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When you go into hypnosis you just float away and you can feel your brain getting changed without you doing anything.  Of course, this can be a bit scary but as long as you pick good ones you will be okay. Just listen to your body and you know what is right for you.

It’s much easier to get in contact with your inner child while you are in hypnosis because it works directly with your subconscious mind. Me, for example, got enormous help regarding my self-esteem by listening to hypnosis.

I made a top 10 list of great hypnosis for you if you like.

If you don´t like anyone on this list, just make sure you check that there are plenty of good reviews on the one you pick. This way you will know if this guided hypnosis is to trust. You want to be kind to your brain, right!?

Writing letters

7 different ways to heal your inner child

This is a very common way to heal your inner child.

Here is a good way to do it:

1. you find a specific moment in your life when the trauma occurred.
If you don´t know any specific pick something before 9 years old.

2. start writing a letter to yourself as a child, from you now. Write with love and compassion. Write whatever comes up.  Don´t think, just write!

3.  when you are done you change the view and pretend that you are the child. Write to your grown-up self.

4. writing back and forth will make things come up that you might haven’t thought about before. You will be surprised by how much you can reveal.

Be careful to yourself and realize that healing can be really painful. If you need to stop, do so! Don´t yourself or anyone else. You accept it and next time it will be easier. Step by step you will heal.

Gratitude Practice

7 different ways to heal your inner child

I guess this is one of the more uncommon ways to heal your inside this is actually a great way to do it.

The reason why it is good is that it will reveal things in your life you find difficult being grateful for. Here is a big key to your upcoming progress.

Start asking yourself why you don´t feel gratitude.

One more thing to be aware of is the thing that you take for granted.

You find it by looking for thought like this: “I feel like this is something that everyone should have so why should you be grateful for this”. 

Personally, I realized that I took relationships for granted. By doing this gratitude practice I realized that I actually wasn’t happy about my current relationship. The reason was simple. I took some things for granted.

I did this because in my childhood I was taught that men were supposed to act in a very specific way.  The man in the relationship I had at that time, did exactly “right” so I kept on complaining, not happy for what I had.  I took him for granted and screwed up the relationship.

If you like gratitude practices but think that it is difficult, maybe this can help you: How to overcome gratitude limitations.

Coach Where You Live

7 different ways to heal your inner child

If you have the possibility to go to the coach where you live, this is good!

Pick someone that work with the inner child or/and with the body. If possible find out if this coach helped more people and ask them if it is worth investing in. A good coach that you meet in your home-town is for sure one of the best ways to heal your inner child

Self-development Courses

7 different ways to heal your inner child

By this, I made the biggest change in my life!

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This kind of courses are very broad and you do not only work with the inner child but all great coaches know you need to deal with your past to take the next step in life.

I like self-development courses because they are ongoing for longer periods. Things often get a real chance to change when you give it time. And since you get guidance on the way you know you are at the right track.

Also, I realized that when you invest in yourself (money and/or time) you are telling yourself that you are worth investing in. This creates a good circle that will help you get closer to healing what is inside.

This is one of my favorites:
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7 ways to heal your inner child. Want to add something?

I hope you found something here that can help you and I wish you a pleasant break please write if you have any more suggestions on how to deal with a child if you like please follow me.


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